Nameless by Debra Webb

3 Feb

Favorite Lines: “Her lips quivered and before she could stop herself she said it. “Nameless”.” (p. 141)

FBI rookie Vivian Grace has been sent to find the former darling of the FBI, Ryan McBride. A kidnapper has demanded McBride be included on the investigative team. If he’s not, the kidnapper will give no clues and the child he’s kidnapped will die.

Grace doesn’t trust anyone and feels little attachment to people. She is hoping that solving her first case will enable her to get out of the town she’s been stationed and into a town she bid on, but was denied thanks to a former mentor and friend. She doesn’t count on McBride triggering hidden emotions and bringing her past to the present.

McBride has never forgotten the case that sent him from the FBI in shame. The scapegoat of a an agency intent on keeping its name pure, he had longed for the day the agency once more needed his aid. Three years have passed and he drinks Jack to forget and his bed filled with women to fill his time. Until Grace appears and gives him a reason to clean up his act.

Ms. Webb has written an exciting book that should appeal to men and women alike. It’s action packed and full of tense drama. The feeling I get when reading it reminds me of the one I had when I watched/read Kiss the Girls. I know that more is going to happen and feel the tension leading to the moment.

McBride is a clever man. He deciphered clues that left me spinning. (Not that I’ve ever been good at riddles.) He is able to compartmentalize, yet become emotionally attached. He doesn’t jump at the idea of working for the FBI after they dumped him, but does it for the missing child. Even when the agency shows itself to be supremely arrogant and self-serving, he sticks around to help out the missing people.

This is enough to satisfy me when he stops his womanizing and drunken theatrics. In a way it seems contrived, but I think that the author is showing the person he was before the alcohol, still exists and is the true hero. She is showing that he is capable of overcoming horrible obstacles and most importantly, that he is human.

A third of the way into the book I began to understand why Grace was the character Ms. Webb wrote her to be. I enjoyed watching Grace end up the person she was at the end of the book. From her lowest point of reliving the past to her highest point after facing her darkest fear, Grace showed herself to be a woman to root for.

Nameless is a powerful story that begs to be read. It is full of revenge, redemption, forgiveness and recovery. The story is dense with emotions is definitely a book to read. It will be released Feb. 5.


One Response to “Nameless by Debra Webb”

  1. Kimberly Swan February 5, 2008 at 6:01 pm #

    Well you’ve gotten me interested in Nameless with your review. 🙂 I’ve not read her before. Is this connected to the previous book?

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