Vampires are Forever by Lynsay Sands

6 Feb

vampires_are_forever_200.jpgFavorite Lines: ” “I’ve just bit my lifemate,” Thomas snapped. “And she’s now locked in the bathroom, probably fashioning a cross out of soap bars and anything else she can find in there.” (p. 60)

Oh, I’m sorry, Inez. I didn’t mean to bite you, my fangs slipped.” (p. 60)

Inez Urso is not pleased when her boss wakes her up to meet his slacker cousin at the airport. She gets there in time, only to watch him get into a taxi and leave. When she catches up with him, she gives him a piece of her mind, in Portuguese, that is.

Thomas Argeneau has been sent to find his missing aunt in Europe. He soon finds out that he will have the vice president the European branch of Argeneau Enterprises assistance. When she shows up at his hotel room ranting at him in a different language, Thomas begins to find himself attracted to her.

Over the course of the hunt for the missing Argeneau, Inez discovers that vampires exist and Thomas finds his lifemate. Danger lurks around the corner though. Someone doesn’t want the couple to find the missing woman and is playing a ruthless game with Inez’ life. Inez might not live long enough to become a permanent fixture in Thomas’ life.

This book has some hilarious moments. As you can see from my favorite lines, I had a hard time picking one. Inez is too funny as she tries to come to terms with working for/with vampires. Thomas is self-conscious when it comes to his professional life, and it makes him more approachable.

Sometimes it’s hard to picture the beautiful, nearly perfect vampires with humans. It’s a lot easier when they have a personality flaw, not just the tortured hero complex. (Yes, I love it, but it is kinda nice to see a man worrying about his appearance to others.) Thomas is just an all around neat vamp.

Now on to the storyline. I don’t like the way this book ended. It was a set up for Vampire, Interrupted, and while it addressed the main couple, it left a mystery. Now, I feel obligated to read the next book. Not because I’m so interested in it, because I don’t know that I care about Marguerite, but because I want to know the answer to the questions Vampires are Forever brought up.

Despite that, there are great scenes in this book, such as Thomas getting the wrong blood, and a prelude to a fight. I enjoyed the book, but at some level felt restless. The book had a few deep moments, but was relatively light. The deeper lines gradually thinned, until I was at the semi end of this story. When I finished, it was like finishing a chapter in an on going book. I need the next book in order to feel like I completed this story.

So what did you think about this book? Vampire Romance Books has a review posted, as does The Good The Bad and The Unread.

I almost forgot about the lovely tattoo on Thomas. I told my daughter to get me my book, and she said, “look mom. He has Batman on his arm.” Gotta love it.


2 Responses to “Vampires are Forever by Lynsay Sands”

  1. Amie Stuart February 6, 2008 at 12:23 pm #

    my fangs slipped


    How you holding up with the writer’s strike hon?

  2. scooper February 6, 2008 at 9:23 pm #

    Amie- I’m going crazy. I’ve seen all the old episodes. I need something new. I wish they’d just give the writer’s what they’re asking for. This has gotten to be quite ridiculous.

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