Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn

11 Feb

Favorite Lines: ” “I could carry you off,” he murmured, sniffling my hair. “No one would dare try to stop me. After all, you owe me for my protection.” (p. 223)

Camille is mixed with fae and human blood, and works for the OIA (Otherworld Intelligence Agency). She is also a witch, who calls upon Mother Moon to aid her when she practices magic. She is one of three sisters living Earthside in an effort to prevent demonkind from destroying human and fae alike.

Shadow Wing has taken over the Subterranean Realms and has his eyes set on running Otherworld and Earthside. He sends out a scouting team to find the first of nine pieces to the spirit seal, that will allow him access to the portals separating the worlds, only to find his team faced off against the D’Artigo sisters.

The women are already at a disadvantage due to their mixed blood, but will the demons be able to finish them off or will they prove to be humanity’s only chance?

First of all, marketing has been at it again. This series is labeled paranormal romance, but the book is an urban fantasy. Camille, the oldest sister, tells the story from her point of view. The second book in the series, Changeling, is told by middle sister, Delilah, who shifts into a tabby cat. The third book, Darkling, is told by the youngest sister, vampire/human/fae, Menolly.

Camille has trouble controlling her magic and it often backfires on her, sometimes causing embarrassment and leaving her vulnerable. I wish this were expanded upon. We are told about different events that happened, but few took place during the story. One aspect that is talked about often in the story, is sex.

Camille has a special relationship with a Svartan, Trillian, but freely admits that as a fae creature she is extremely sexual. This is shown by her dress and her attraction to Morio, a yokai-kitsune or fox demon. There are several sex scenes. All are kept to a decent amount of pages, and stay far away from the erotica genre.

There is no work or growth of a relationship to warrant the label, romance, in this story. It was interesting, but just when I had really begun to get into a character and line of thought, the story ended, leaving me hanging. I don’t know if it’ll pick up in the next book, but it won’t be the same because the other stories are told by her sisters. I really wanted to explore the possibilities of Smokey the dragon and the other men in Camille’s life.

I liked the gargoyle. (Those of you who read this book know what I’m talking about.) I appreciated the different attitudes Camille had towards her sisters; both held a different, but equal place in her heart. The attitudes toward mixed-race people is touched upon and a possible war in Otherworld is talked about.

My favorite thing about this book was the open mind Ms. Galenorn used when creating love interests for Camille. Smokey is a hot Caucasian, Morio was a sexy Japanese man, and Trillion was described as being extremely black with long silver hair. I haven’t noticed many stories marketed to a general audience about a white lady having sex with minority men, especially Asian men. The change is refreshing, and done in a manner that is believable.

I must admit that in the back of my mind I wondered why the minorities had to be demons. (It’s that literary training.) But it was a fleeting thought, that left me to enjoy the story.

As with most fantasy stories, there is always a price to pay when one seeks out aid from seers or fates. this story is no different. Camille owes someone and she talks about what she’d have to forfeit if she didn’t pay up. Instead of that always being at the front of her mind, she kept forgetting to collect, in order to pay her debt, a fact that irritated me.

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2 Responses to “Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn”

  1. T.C. February 11, 2008 at 7:44 pm #

    Now that cover is cool. 🙂

  2. scooper February 11, 2008 at 10:07 pm #

    T.C.- I like it, too.

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