Changeling by Yasmine Galenorn

12 Feb

Favorite Lines: “Had I suddenly turned into a frog-girl? Or the creature from the Black Lagoon-who, as it happened, resembled the lemurans, one of our aquatic Crypto races back in OW?” (p. 165)

After beating back a demon scouting party, Delilah hoped that things would settle down. The softest sister of three, she was learning to harden herself against the world and coming into her sexuality. Her work as a P.I. and an agent for the OIA, Otherworld Intelligence Agency, does little to prepare her for what is to come.

One day at work, she is approached by a werepuma, Zachery, who requests her aid in catching a killer. Someone is killing members of his pride, removing the hearts and sucking them dry. She agrees to look into it, and promptly finds herself in danger.

Someone doesn’t want the D’Artigo sisters involved, and kills a friend of Delilah’s as a message. The killer will soon learn that the sisters are much stronger than they appear, and that they are loyal friends, who won’t allow the wrong to go unpunished.

The D’Artigos discover that Shadow Wing has sent a new scouting party Earthside to find a seal that will open portals between the Subterranean Realms, Earthside, and Other World. One of the demons is an ancient enemy of the werepumas, an unnatural creature, a werespider.

It took me a moment to adjust from the Witchling and Camille’s point of view to this story and Delilah’s point of view. The story picks up where Witchlingleft off and shows the reader Delilah’s thoughts on her life and also her powers. Delilah has a genetic defect that made her a changeling, and as a tabby cat, she’ll never belong to a pride. She is destined to walk alone. It isn’t necessary to have read Witchling to understand this story, but I would recommend it.

I thought Delilah was pretty wimpy. She changed (no pun intended) as the story progressed. I was kinda disgusted with the idea that she had sex in cat form with animals, but had never had sex as a human until recently. (It happens in Witchling.)  She picks a FBH, full blood human, for her first sexual encounter and we soon learn that she used her glamour to get his attention.

I read the book and kept waiting for it to backfire on her, but it really wasn’t mentioned much. I found that to be troubling, because the FBH, Chase, is a smart guy. He thinks about other people using glamour, but never even considers the fact that Delilah could have used it on him. He was scared of Delilah up to the point when they had sex for the first time. Bells should be ringing all around him.

This book is not as sexual as the first book, because Delilah isn’t as sexual as her sister. She is learning and becoming interested in sex, but it is no where near the level that is attached to Camille. She also shows that she cannot be monogamous.

I’m pleased that Ms. Galenorn chose to further Delilah’s role within the sister’s ranks. Instead of being treated like a child, she has Delilah speak up and claim a new role. The Delilah that existed at the end of the story, was more mature and capable of much more than her earlier self.

Two of her new roles where discussed, but kind of left open ended. They weren’t definitive and that leads me to think that there’ll be another book in her point of view.

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One Response to “Changeling by Yasmine Galenorn”

  1. T.C. February 12, 2008 at 12:55 pm #

    Another cool cover…with pretty colors!

    Great review! This series is really sounding interesting. I may have to check it out.

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