Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spear

10 Mar

Favorite Lines: “In her wolf form the March temperature didn’t bothered her. But as a naked human, she was frozen to the bone.” (p. 43 E-ARC)

Bella ran from her pack when she realized that her love for beta wolf, Devlyn, put him at risk; the alpha of the pack, Volan, was determined to have her and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She has lived a life on the run for 150 years, but it all came to an end with one mistake.

Out for a run in wolf form, Bella is captured and taken to a zoo. It isn’t long before the discovery of a rare, female, red wolf leads her adoptive gray pack to her. It also draws the attention of the local red pack.

Devlyn, has grown into his wolf. He is a strong male, capable of claiming what he wants. And what he wants is Bella. He missed her after she ran and now that he has her, is determined to make her want to be his mate. But while he tries to convince her, a red wolf is killing women in the city, threatening to expose all of werewolf society.

Bella and Devlyn must team up to find the renegade, red wolf and to find a way to be together.

This is an erotic story. It started a little slow for me, and I must admit I was confused with the opening prologue. It immediately jumps into the story with Bella watching a human man bathe. She’s thinking of many things, but especially of how if she had a human mate the alpha of the pack would leave her be. This is in 1850 Colorado.

The alpha comes along and is so not having that. Some stuff happens, and Bella runs away after learning that he will never let another have her. The story then begins in present day Oregon, one hundred and fifty years later. Bella has established herself in Portland and has made friends, but has not forgotten the beta werewolf she left behind, Devlyn.

It comes as a shock then, when she is captured by wolf lovers, placed in the zoo and one day sees Devlyn watching her. She knows that he has come to take her back to Volan.

Yes, Devlyn was sent by Volan to retrieve a runaway pack member. But now that he has her, he’s decided to keep her. The hard part is in convincing Bella that he can beat Volan in a fight. This lack of faith in Bella is understandable because she watched Volan kill many people and wolves in the past, but it takes a turn that irritated me greatly.

Bella decides at one point, that poor, weak Devlyn will never be able to survive a battle with Volan, so she better take out Volan herself. She does bad stuff to Volan behind Devlyn’s back and then doesn’t tell him for a long, I mean LONG time. She knew that Devlyn needed to prove his strength to her, yet she did it anyway. I guess it could be the ultimate way of showing love, protection and all that crap, but I thought it set a bad precedent. It made it seem that it’s okay for one partner in a relationship to make a major decision, with life altering repercussions, alone. On the flip side there is the fact that the two haven’t seen each other for a hundred and fifty years. She doesn’t know the wolf he is today, only the young wolf he was then. And real life rarely does the right thing.

The book is erotic, as I mentioned before, but it’s not overwhelming with sexual scenes. I’ve read books where I hated the sex. I hated the fact that the romance was all an aftershock from the sex. This book isn’t like that. This book introduces a relationship where the couple doesn’t have sex within minutes. It’s explained in a plausible manner and is tastefully written.

I was pleased to read that Bella was an attractive woman, but that the many wolves wanted her because of a shortage of female werewolves of breedable age. This shortage is not exclusive to Colorado but extends to Oregon and works as another explanation for Bella keeping a low profile. All in all, Heart of the Wolf is an enjoyable read for those times when you want an erotic book.

Heart of the Wolf will be available for purchase April 1, 2008. Check out Ms. Spear’s site for more information.


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