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13 series and authors I read as a pre-teen

13 Mar


I’ve been reading since I was 4. I began reading my mom’s romance novels at 10. By the time I was a pre-teen I was ravenous for literature, almost anything. During that time, I read 13 of the following:

  1. Nancy Drew Files by Carolyn Keene (It was my goal in life to have all of them at one point.)
  2. White Squaw by E.J. Hunter (I only read a few of these.)
  3. White Indian by Donald C. Porter (See a theme starting here?)
  4. Wagons West by Dana F. Ross (Read all of them at one time.)
  5. Everything written by Victoria Holt
  6. The Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon
  7. Little House on the Prairie
  8. Apache by William James
  9. The books were the teens are dying or their parents have died.
  10. Chose your own Adventure
  11. Stagecoach by Hank Mitchum
  12. The Gunsmith by J.R. Roberts
  13. S.E. Hinton’s books: especially the Outsiders