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Midnight Rising by Lara Adrian

16 Mar

Favorite Lines: “She smiled a bit sadly as she watched the two of them embrace. But then she gave a slow nod to Dylan and gradually faded away.” (p.155 e-ARC)

Rio was betrayed by by his wife. In an attempt to protect him she took away his reason for living and almost killed him. Then in Midnight Awakening, Rio stayed behind the Order, in the Czech Republic, in order to destroy a cave where a dark evil slept, but months later the cave is still standing and Dylan Alexander walks in.

Dylan’s mom was dying, so she took time away from her tabloid job to travel her mom’s dream vacation with her mother’s friends. She began the vacation knowing she better return with a great story or consider herself fired, so when a ghostly apparition beckons her towards the entrance of a cave, she eventually follows.

Rio knew that he had to finish his mission and that meant searching out the strange woman who photographed the cave. It was vital that the information be contained or the vampire world would be exposed to humans. It isn’t until later that he discovers Dylan is a breedmate, one of the rare human women capable of procreating with the alien species, and the only woman for him. Continue reading