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The Brotherhood by Dawn Thompson

30 Mar

brotherhood300.jpgFavorite Lines: “Screaming at the top of her voice,she tore the yards of gauze curtain draped over the sleigh bed, and threw it over the advancing man. Then, screaming again in multiple spasms, she raced through the door she’d left flung wide- right into the cold, wet arms of Joss Hyde-White.” (p. 56)

Joss Hyde-White is the child of vampires, but all that means for him is that he can turn into a wolf and get fangs when he feels threatened or aroused. Searching for answers about what he is, he leaves London.

On the night of a snowstorm he stumbles across a carriage with five people inside and only one of the five still alive. He takes the survivor, Cora, to his home to recover and before he knows it all the things that go bump in the night are arriving at his door.

This is book two in Ms. Thompson’s Blood Moon series. It’s a gothic, paranormal romance. It reminds me of the original Dracula in many ways. The vampires are capable of turning into wolves and the method for killing vampires is the same. It’s the same time period (I think) and the tone of the book feels the same. I got an ‘old’ feeling when I read The Brotherhood. Kinda like this is classic writing or a traditional romance set in a traditional gothic setting.

Ms. Thompson is offering a glimpse of the first chapter and book three, The Ravening, was released in January of 2008.