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Contest Go Now

30 Apr

I’m sorry the link didn’t work. The address was: I went to the site and the information boxes have been removed.

The first 100 people will get an advanced copy of Jacquelyn Frank’s Damien and Noah. Go now!!! Visit her website for her blog, message board and other fun things.


Patricia Brigg’s news and art

27 Apr

Want to see Mercedes Thompson before you met her in 2006? You won’t have long to wait. She’s signed a contract with the Dabel Brothers to write about Mercy right after college and just as she’s begun working as a mechanic.

So what do y’all think about the beautiful cover? I love it! To bad we have to wait until 2009 to read the book that goes along with it. 😦  But on the plus side, it’s countdown to Charles and Anna’s book!!

New Art

25 Apr

Yes, I’m going crazy waiting for this to come. Ms. Sagara is supposed to write one more book, after this, in the series. Cast in Fury will be released in October.

Bad Blood by L.A. Banks

23 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Mesmerized, she watched his shadow touch hers even though he wasn’t moving. What’s more, she felt it…felt his arms encircle her, felt his mouth rain kisses over the swell of her breasts until she cried out-and the man hadn’t moved” (p. 126)

Sasha Trudeau is a Special Ops soldier trained to exterminate werewolves before they contaminate mankind. She knows that they are capable of turning at the drop of a dime and ravaging all who come before them. She is also tainted by the same blood the werewolf carries because a werewolf savaged her mother before she was born.

After a mission, she returns home to find her fellow pack members missing and begins a journey of self discovery that will change everything she ever knew and believed.

Max Hunter is a shadow wolf who helps maintain order by destroying the werewolves that threaten all living creatures. He is alpha of his pack, but it’s a lonely life that is rocked when he meets Sasha. Together they unravel a complex map of deceit with no clear end and find themselves drawn to each other in a way neither expected.

I’m a new fan of L.A. Banks. I read book one in her Vampire Huntress Legend and loved it, but kind of backed off when I discovered the series was open ended. Now I’ll have to revisit the series because her writing is tight and realistic.

It is also thorough and exciting. In Bad Blood, Banks introduces the reader to a new world. There are vampires, demons, different types of werewolves, humans and many other paranormal creatures. The werewolf mythology is new and the different problems that pop up realistic.

There is a version of drug abuse, learning about life and relationships, and discovering that all you knew was a lie. Hard knocks take place and people get up, brushing the dirt off them all while dealing with homicidal creatures. Many things happen in this book that will reevaluate what you thought of paranormal storytelling.

It’s not a quick read and for awhile I felt I was reading a romance instead of a dark fantasy. If this were to be a stand alone book I would label it a romance. But it’s a first of a new series that leaves many questions and lines open ended.

The only problem I had with the series was the way it ended. It jumped. I was reading and I turned the page and immediately got confused. It didn’t make sense. So I stopped and flipped back a page, reread it, and turned the page again. That’s when I realized it was the epilogue.

Overall, the book was a good one and a first in a new series that I’ll be reading. The sex scenes were erotic. The tone and words used conveyed a feeling of intense emotion and sexual arousal that many books make cheap. It’s guaranteed to draw a shiver out of the reader.

The next book in the series is entitled Bite the Bullet. Bad Blood is for sale now every where. Check out Crimson Moon novels to get a jump start at this series.

Hellgate: GOETIA by Mel Odom

20 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Other eyes covered its head like satellites to the main two.” (p. 40)

It’s the year 2024 and four years have passed since the Demons began to take over earth. They opened the Hellgate, a planetary rift, and have poured through decimating all who come before them. Animal, human and plant life are all being destroyed as the demons take over earth.

Simon Cross is a member of the Templar order, well, an ex-member. He works to help the humans survive the invasion and hopefully with the help of a friend, may find a book, GOETIA, capable of defeating the invaders.

Warren is a Cabalist magically linked to a powerful demon. The demon demands he do horrible things and a need to survive sees him through it all. Until he is given a powerful book to guard. A book that can give him more power than he ever imagined. Continue reading

Spectre by Phaedra Weldon

18 Apr

Favorite Lines: ” Walters in Zone 3 just got a report of a crazy hot Puerto Rican woman in a black dress hobbling into his store spitting gibberish at him.” (p. 105 ARC)

Zoe Martinique recently realized that she was transforming into a wraith. At the end of Wraith, she had lost her voice to Trench Coat man. At least a month has passed since Zoe was turned into a wraith and she is still coming to terms with the physical and moral changes taking place. She’s getting more powers and paired with her diabetes is beginning to see many problems with telling her boyfriend about her abilities.

In the last book Zoe failed to perform the task given her by a client and was told they’d be calling in the debt one day. That day has come in Spectre. She has no choice but to do as commanded, which leads her to a black tie political event.

At the event, she sees a ghost hunting group scanning the crowd with special paranormal seeking devices. Intent on fulfilling her debt to the client, Zoe rests in the staff lounge area and soon finds a person trying to kill her while she’s out of body. What ensues is a lot of out of body action and Zoe longing for sex.

Daniel Frasier, the sexy cop she met in Wraith, is still recovering with the help of his cane and he hasn’t given up on Zoe. A face from the past reappears bringing sexual tension from a second place. Zoe still hasn’t had sex with Daniel and it’s driving her nuts. Just when she thinks she might get some, all hell breaks loose. Continue reading

The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

15 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Mine. I found her. No one but me should be allowed to touch her.” (p. 51 ARC)

Ashlyn Darrow’s parents couldn’t deal with the child they gave birth to and gave her to an institute to be raised. She has the ability to hear all the conversations that have ever taken place anywhere she stands. Once there, she began to learn how to cope with the voices she heard.

Unable to bear a lifetime of voices, she is consumed by a need to speak to a group of men that hide themselves in Budapest. She heard that they were angels capable of miracles and decides to find their lair. Once in the forest surrounding the men’s home, she is found by Maddox, one of the ‘angels’.

Maddox was once an immortal soldier of the Gods. That was before he let jealousy take hold of him; he, along with a few fellow soldiers, stole Pandora’s box and released the demons into the world. As punishment, he was made host to the demon Violence. Maddox must also suffer the blows he gave Pandora in the insanity that reined after becoming a demon host. Continue reading

Athena Force: Beneath the Surface Meredith Fletcher

13 Apr

Favorite Lines: “The need to know what Drago had discovered almost leeched away the power her fear had over her.” (p. 26)

Shannon Conner is an investigative reporter on a mission. She is going to bring down the Athena Academy that wronged her 15 years ago. She’s not alone though, an anonymous donor is and has been giving her information for many years, establishing her in the news industry.

When the tips dry up, Shannon hires an investigator to find out the source of the tips never expecting him to turn on her and try to kill her. As she runs for her life, she sees a man in a shoot out.

Rafe Santorini is doing a favor for a friend. He’s following a woman; when he sees her go into a shady bar and not come out he begins to worry. It isn’t long after he enters the bar, that he hears a piercing scream and is forced to defend himself against patrons of the bar. Continue reading

Lord of the Night by Robin T. Popp

11 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Kacie, a man doesn’t paint pictures of a woman he hates. He doesn’t feel a need to be with her every second he can and he doesn’t fight with her simply because that’s the only way he can get her attention. When I’m with you, my palms are sweaty, my heart races, and all I can think about is how much I don’t want you to leave.” (p. 225)

Vampires made Kacie Renault an orphan. A vampire and vampire hunter gave her a new family.

Kacie thought she was ready to leave the darkness of the past for a nice, quite, safe job in accounting in the USA. She needed a few things from her adoptive father’s home so she went to Hocksley, England, only to find herself being attacked by a vampire. She thinks nothing of killing the creature, until her former sword instructor/vampire Eric Winslow finds out about it.

Hundreds of years prior to Kacie’s birth, Eric and a few other local vampires agreed to a truce. They wouldn’t feed off humans and Winslow’s vampire hunting family wouldn’t kill them. The pact is considered broken when one of the head vampires winds up dead by Kacie’s hand. The only way to keep the peace is to give Kacie to his vampire friends, something he can’t do, especially after saving her life and promising to always keep her safe 20 years ago. Continue reading

Redeemed in Darkness by Alexis Morgan

10 Apr

Favorite lines: ” “I’m sorry I couldn’t shave.” He kissed her finger. “Don’t be.” She smiled. ” I find I like whiskers.” “You won’t when you get whisker burns on your face.” He glanced down the lean length of her body. “And other places.” ” (p. 103)

The Paladins live to protect humans and their world from the Others crossing a thin barrier that separates their worlds.

When Paladin warrior Cullen Finley is given a note to throw across the barrier for his friend Barak, he begins to think about the Other woman he battled and decides to cross the barrier to give the note in person. He hopes the woman won’t kill him, but after their dance with blades he is willing to take the risk if it means he might see her again.

Lusahn has been left alone. The last member of her line and a sworn Guardian, she is duty bound to protect her world from the savage humans and traitors who try to flee to the other side. So it comes as a surprise to her when the Paladin warrior crosses the barrier and she doesn’t kill him.

She then finds herself taking him home with her and putting her life at risk for a few moments of shared time. She introduces her kids to him and begins to work on solving the mystery of the blue stones. Continue reading