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Athena Force: Beneath the Surface Meredith Fletcher

13 Apr

Favorite Lines: “The need to know what Drago had discovered almost leeched away the power her fear had over her.” (p. 26)

Shannon Conner is an investigative reporter on a mission. She is going to bring down the Athena Academy that wronged her 15 years ago. She’s not alone though, an anonymous donor is and has been giving her information for many years, establishing her in the news industry.

When the tips dry up, Shannon hires an investigator to find out the source of the tips never expecting him to turn on her and try to kill her. As she runs for her life, she sees a man in a shoot out.

Rafe Santorini is doing a favor for a friend. He’s following a woman; when he sees her go into a shady bar and not come out he begins to worry. It isn’t long after he enters the bar, that he hears a piercing scream and is forced to defend himself against patrons of the bar. Continue reading