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The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

15 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Mine. I found her. No one but me should be allowed to touch her.” (p. 51 ARC)

Ashlyn Darrow’s parents couldn’t deal with the child they gave birth to and gave her to an institute to be raised. She has the ability to hear all the conversations that have ever taken place anywhere she stands. Once there, she began to learn how to cope with the voices she heard.

Unable to bear a lifetime of voices, she is consumed by a need to speak to a group of men that hide themselves in Budapest. She heard that they were angels capable of miracles and decides to find their lair. Once in the forest surrounding the men’s home, she is found by Maddox, one of the ‘angels’.

Maddox was once an immortal soldier of the Gods. That was before he let jealousy take hold of him; he, along with a few fellow soldiers, stole Pandora’s box and released the demons into the world. As punishment, he was made host to the demon Violence. Maddox must also suffer the blows he gave Pandora in the insanity that reined after becoming a demon host. Continue reading