Bad Blood by L.A. Banks

23 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Mesmerized, she watched his shadow touch hers even though he wasn’t moving. What’s more, she felt it…felt his arms encircle her, felt his mouth rain kisses over the swell of her breasts until she cried out-and the man hadn’t moved” (p. 126)

Sasha Trudeau is a Special Ops soldier trained to exterminate werewolves before they contaminate mankind. She knows that they are capable of turning at the drop of a dime and ravaging all who come before them. She is also tainted by the same blood the werewolf carries because a werewolf savaged her mother before she was born.

After a mission, she returns home to find her fellow pack members missing and begins a journey of self discovery that will change everything she ever knew and believed.

Max Hunter is a shadow wolf who helps maintain order by destroying the werewolves that threaten all living creatures. He is alpha of his pack, but it’s a lonely life that is rocked when he meets Sasha. Together they unravel a complex map of deceit with no clear end and find themselves drawn to each other in a way neither expected.

I’m a new fan of L.A. Banks. I read book one in her Vampire Huntress Legend and loved it, but kind of backed off when I discovered the series was open ended. Now I’ll have to revisit the series because her writing is tight and realistic.

It is also thorough and exciting. In Bad Blood, Banks introduces the reader to a new world. There are vampires, demons, different types of werewolves, humans and many other paranormal creatures. The werewolf mythology is new and the different problems that pop up realistic.

There is a version of drug abuse, learning about life and relationships, and discovering that all you knew was a lie. Hard knocks take place and people get up, brushing the dirt off them all while dealing with homicidal creatures. Many things happen in this book that will reevaluate what you thought of paranormal storytelling.

It’s not a quick read and for awhile I felt I was reading a romance instead of a dark fantasy. If this were to be a stand alone book I would label it a romance. But it’s a first of a new series that leaves many questions and lines open ended.

The only problem I had with the series was the way it ended. It jumped. I was reading and I turned the page and immediately got confused. It didn’t make sense. So I stopped and flipped back a page, reread it, and turned the page again. That’s when I realized it was the epilogue.

Overall, the book was a good one and a first in a new series that I’ll be reading. The sex scenes were erotic. The tone and words used conveyed a feeling of intense emotion and sexual arousal that many books make cheap. It’s guaranteed to draw a shiver out of the reader.

The next book in the series is entitled Bite the Bullet. Bad Blood is for sale now every where. Check out Crimson Moon novels to get a jump start at this series.

3 Responses to “Bad Blood by L.A. Banks”

  1. Susan Helene Gottfried April 24, 2008 at 12:28 pm #

    People have been talking about LA for years and I’ve been dying to try some of her books, myself — because I hear good things about her.

    I met her briefly at RT last week. Nice lady, too. Now I’ve REALLY got to get my hands on some! Oh, wait. I brought Bad Blood home from the Goody Room!

  2. scooper April 24, 2008 at 1:52 pm #

    Susan- You are so mean. LOL I’m really jealous about the trip. So was it a blast?

  3. Kimberly Swan April 25, 2008 at 4:41 pm #

    Do you think the writing is similar to the Vampire Huntress series? You know that I usually love vampire books (especially when they’re a series), but try as I might I could not get into that series and never made it through the first book. 😦 This sounds good though, maybe I’ll pick one up next time I’m out. 🙂

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