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Scooper with a website?

29 May

Yep. I just bought, I think….I hope…Well I did something. We’ll see if it works in the next week or so. Cross your fingers for me.

My dream for it is to expand my blog. I’d like to make old book reviews easy to find and this is my attempt at that. I’d like to break the books up into a million categories: shapeshifter, vampire, suspense, childrens, whatever. I guess we’ll see if I do it or become overwhelmed and expire. You know like bad milk with chunks?


Readers Ask: Question #1

29 May

I was talking to Ikhnaie about Michelle Sagara. We are both squeeing fangirls, so when she asked me the following question and I had no answer I thought to give it to you.

“Have you got any suggestions for similar writers I might enjoy?”

Any suggestions are welcome.

Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

27 May

Favorite Line: “You should have seen me today. I wasted the Phantom Menace. Been after him my whole life. And today– whammo! So don’t tell me I can’t bust a demon. Oh yeah, I can bust a demon.” (p. 21 ARC)

Everything was going according to plan for Lizzie Brown. She’s turning 30, is dressed and ready to go until she opens the door and meets her grandmother for the first time. Her biker grandmother who happens to be a witch armed with spells in Smucker jars, who locks  her in the bathroom and tells her she’s the new demon slayer.

Poor Lizzie. Her terrier, Pirate, is speaking to her. Demons are popping out of her toilet trying to kill her. And she can’t cuss worth a damn, because her job at Happy Hands Preschool has ruined her.

Within minutes, Lizzie finds herself on the run. She’s hanging out in a biker bar and in a dumpster, all while falling in lust with her griffin protector, Dimitri Kallinikos.

A protector with secrets, Dimitri will turn Lizzie into a powerful, demon slayer, before he confides in her. But will the secret destroy the couple before they form a relationship?

If you’re looking for a fun, light hearted and crazy romp  through the paranormal, this is the book for you. Ms. Fox has created a world of psycho, Red Hat witches, power hungry werewolves, a demon underworld (totally unique to me) and a talking overactive dog.

Yes, I said, “dog.” At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the dog talking. I put the book down, took a deep breath, and started it again. Once in the right mindset-comedy-I found the dog great. He spoke just as I’d imagine a  little, bouncy dog would. The things on a poor dog’s mind. *giggling*

Nothing in life has prepared Lizzie for her new life as a demon slayer. With geriatric women chanting and throwing roadkill, she’ll need patience learned in preschool. But that patience will go out the window as she gets to know her inner slayer and spends time with her sexy griffin companion.

Lizzie’s life is in chaos and jeopardy. She has a short time to learn the most important aspect of demon slaying. To be a great demon slayer-or a live one-she must let go and accept an important fact. She can’t control everything.

Accidental Demon Slayer is a nice break for those looking to read a paranormal romance, while poking fun at it. There is no reverence and nothing is safe from Ms. Fox world altering humor. She takes a much loved genre of romance, blasts it apart with jelly jars and pieces it back together with doggy humor. This is perfect beach reading material. (Well, if you want to get burned because you forgot to turn over.)

Those looking for a deep, dark paranormal won’t find it here.

Accidental Demon Slayer goes on sale July 29.

How do I???

26 May

Okay I’m going crazy. I’ve been playing with my keyboard trying to figure out how to an em dash and I can’t do it. On the MAC sure I can do it, no prob., but on my personal computers…nope, nada, nothing. I’m going loca…losing all my bananas…the pigeons have flown their tiny coop. Help me..


Devil you Know by Jenna Black

25 May

Favorite Line: “From the moment I’d found out I was possessed, my life had shot straight to hell and stayed there.” (p. 3 ARC)

Morgan Kingsley is an exorcist who is possessed by the king of demons, Lugh. In her head lies (and lays) the only hope for humanity.

She knew demons weren’t to be trusted and learning they want to create human vegetables to live in solidifies her hatred. She abhors them and wants them gone. Unfortunately, that can’t happen until Lugh’s brother is stopped.

Morgan is being stalked for her demon knowledge and doesn’t stand a chance against the psycho demon stalking her without Lugh’s help. For the demon hunting her is gleefully determined to torture the location of the exiled king out of her.

With family issues tearing her apart and lust filled thoughts are haunting her dreams, Morgan does what she does best. Tazer anyone stupid enough to get in her way.

Morgan is stubborn, mean and a hot mess. She suffered physically in The Devil Inside, now she must face the emotional battle: a battle against her ex-boyfriend, brother and parents. Each will have dire repercussions and the backlash alone might kill her, if the lust doesn’t burn her up first.

One of the hardest parts of this book is remembering that Lugh is not corporeal. He is in her mind with no real body. I kept finding myself wanting them to hook up and then I’d realize that it would only happen in her subconscious. It wouldn’t be life altering. It would be a simple sexual release and nothing more. Because how do you have a relationship with a demon?

As in the previous book, there is a sexual scene involving MM. It’s interesting to see it play out in the book, but it also made me uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable enough to put down the book though.

One of the great things about this series is how easy it is to read. It’s a one day, entertaining book that allows the reader to flip pages, but doesn’t leave the reader hollow. It’s sizzling and snarky. It’ll make you mad at the heroine before making you feel bad for her. I guess that’s all you can really ask from a book.

A break from reality. A vacation in a world you would never live in, but would like a peak at. Something that can interest you and make you care enough to react emotionally, either in anger or joy.

Ms. Black does a great job filling in the back-story without irritating the reader; this is imperative for the reader to understand The Devil you Know. For the best understanding and appreciation, read book one The Devil Inside.

Read chapter one. The Devil You Know goes on sale July 29.

Bite the Bullet cover art

22 May

How about some art? Here’s L.A. Banks’ fall release in the Crimson Moon series.

House Infernal by Edward Lee

20 May

Favorite Lines: “Hot winds carried smoke and a thousand screams as the sky turned blood-red behind a black sickle moon. Beyond, the city extended into its wondrous, demented infinity. Griffins and Caco-Bats swept down out of bruise-colored clouds to tear the limbs off unsuspecting inhabitants, including children and infants.” (p. 2)

Venetia Barlow is excited. She is going to spend her summer renovating a priory house to earn credits for college. While she’s working she plans to consider her future plans of becoming a nun. She doesn’t expect the crazy voice she begins to hear. A voice that tells her it’s coming to her straight from Hell.

As the days pass Venetia learns about murders committed in the priory. Lust begins to stir inside her. And Satanic clues begin to surface. Venetia is exhausted and doesn’t quite know what to believe. Is she crazy or is hell much closer than she ever thought? Continue reading

Smileys and upcoming reviews

18 May

I’m playing with smiley’s and trying to figure out if they will work here. I’m going to try to post a few from Sweet IM.

Yay! Now if I can only figure out a way to insert them in my comments. On to more important news…

I’ve got House Infernal by Edward Lee; Pitch Black by Susan Crandall; His Wicked Sins by Eve Silver; Countdown by Michelle Maddox; Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke; The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Foxx; and Running on Empty by Lynn Montana waiting to be reviewed over the next two months. These are just a few of the books coming to Scooper Speaks.

Dark Curse Cover Art

17 May

I may be late with this one, but here it is. Cover art for Dark Curse.

Questions for Authors

17 May

If a reviewer isn’t thrilled (and writes that) with your book and requests an ARC of one of your upcoming novels, would you give it to them or tell them to shove it? How do you feel about negative reviews? What turns you off about a review site? If you could change one thing about the way I review books, what would that be?