Hidden by Eve Kenin

16 May


Favorite Lines “Monsters ought to be ugly; they ought to look like monsters.” (p. 22 ARC)

Tatiana is a kick ass woman stuck in the bitter Northern Waste. She has been experimented upon, but since her escape six months ago has been learning just how much she has changed. Tatiana is discovering that she needs little sleep, she can withstand subzero temps., and her hand can slice through bone. All this comes in handy as she pursues the elusive Tolliver in an attempt to prevent him and the monster who held her prisoner for years from creating a deadly disease capable of wiping out half of humanity.

When Tatiana first lays eyes upon Tristan while searching for Tolliver she is intrigued. It’s a brief encounter, but it leaves her yearning for more. More of what she doesn’t know, but she will get a chance to pry into the enigma that is Tristan after she hooks back up with him several weeks later. This reconnecting leads them underground, where they become trapped and hunted by unknown creatures and the very plague she was hoping to avoid.

Ms. Kenin, aka Ms. Silver, burst on the scene with Driven last year. She impressed me then with her ability to combine romance and action without going overboard with either. What I said then sticks for this book as well, so I’m going to post what I wrote about Driven for Romance Designs as the review isn’t available at the time I’m posting this review.

Kenin has done a great job creating a futuristic world. She explains that the world has changed because of holes in the ozone and introduces a new form of STD protection. I never had to ask myself why she did anything; all questions were resolved almost upon inception, except for the mystery surrounding Wizard. Not knowing everything about him made me want to turn the pages faster in hopes of learning more about him… Despite all the knocks she took in life she was able to adapt and evolve as the story progressed. This story revolves around evolution. The characters and the setting all grow and become more over time. The shared threat looming behind the main characters even evolves in his thinking. Driven is a great book. It is science fiction, fantasy and romance mixed together to make a great book. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Kenin.”(Romance Designs)

The same is true with Hidden. The reader is introduced to the world in Driven, but it is possible to read Hidden without ever reading Driven. I wouldn’t suggest it though, because most of the world building takes place in the first book.

The innovations of this future world – it’s the year 2098 – are wonderful in ways, yet terrifying in other ways. The ability to check peoples blood for diseases by reaching into your pocket is awesome, but thinking that the world could be turned into an arctic environment is is a frightening possibility. While I enjoyed most of the book, I didn’t really care for the quick way that the characters fell in love. The hero says he knows that it’s a short period of time to be saying he’s in love, but he’ll hold it in and say it again whenever she thinks the appropriate amount of time has past for them to find love.

I guess it’s really just a personal pet peeve of mine for characters to fall in love quickly. This didn’t detract from the book though. This is one moment over 3/4’s through the book. The book is full of action, but if you don’t like blood in your books, you won’t like this book. There are gruesome scenes of vivid imagery. (I loved them.) The book makes me want to read other books in the Shomi line to see if they are even half as good as Ms. Kenin’s books.

Hidden will be released in July of 2008.


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