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Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke

2 Jul

Favorite Lines: “She screams and thrashes, and she shouts out for Mark. Then she cries.” (p. 11-12 ARC)

Donovan Shea is one of the only dragons that does not want a firestorm. He is a warrior and battles for the Pyr against the Slayers, but he draws the line at  being forced to take a mate.

Alexandra Madison is a scientist on the verge of a major environmental breakthrough. Her lab is attacked, her partner killed and she suffers terrible burns. While she is recovering, she has horrible nightmares about dragons.

In the hospital she overhears a doctor tell her nurse to transfer her to the psychiatric unit and she plans a daring escape. Well, with the help of a handsome, mysterious man.

Donovan is told that Alexandra is the key to the Pyr winning the war and goes to the hospital to take her where he can guard her. He arrives at the nick of time and whisks Alexandra away, but not before he discovers she’s his mate.

Ms. Cooke, you have done a great job incorporating real world issues into a fantastic romance. I love the world you created in Kiss of Fire and am extremely pleased to learn more about it.

I must admit that you fit one of my newest obsessions into the book. I love literature. I especially enjoy literature that couple modern life and technology with the story. It’s a great way to update romance and a way for people to look back at a particular time and see what was happening in the world. That is definitely possible with Kiss of Fury.

I read the book and couldn’t help but think of automotive issues that are on the news. I thought of the environment and loved the approach you took to it. It was believable and took the story in a new direction. The realistic approach to  makes Kiss of Fury stand out from other paranormal romances by giving a deeper message while delivering a romance with yummy male characters.

Donovan and the other Pyr are hot hot hot. They’re alpha men who look out for their women, but also give them respect and space. Well a little bit of space. *grin* They are sexual and territorial. The women are smart and brave. They’re willing to accept the impossible, but unwilling to believe that fate is in control. Together your couples face their fears and enemies headfirst, before fading into the sunset.

Obviously, I have no complaints and look forward reading the next book in the series, Kiss of Fate, in February of 2009. Kiss of Fury will be released Aug. 5, 2008.