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Twilight Fall by Lynn Viehl

15 Jul

Favorite lines: ” Watching Jaus even from across the room made her imagination go off in wild directions, taking her to other places that were not so modern or civilized. She could easily picture Jaus as a marauder at the helm of a Norse ship, or issuing orders from the throne of a barbarian king, or even riding at the front of an ancient army of warriors as he led them into battle.” (p. 16)

Valentin Jaus lost the use of his arm at the same time he lost the woman he loved from afar, Jema. He isn’t looking for romance and he can’t forgive himself for accidentally infecting Jema with is Darkyn blood when she was a baby. Valentin contents himself with his work at Lighthouse Rehabilitation Center until he meets the beautiful gardener, Liling Harper. Suddenly he can’t get her off his mind.

Liling’s work with flowers is amazing and her touch therapeutic to the patients in the rehabilitation center where she works. She is quiet, but makes friends with Luisa, a burn victim in hiding at the center. Liling is hiding from her past though. A past that has been hunting her for years and that has never forgotten of her existence.

With a dark storm drifting towards Valentine and Liling and a tempest swirling them into passion’s embrace, they had better beware. A dark presence threatens to tear them away from all they know. It’ll take vampire blood and human emotion to give the lovers a future.

One thing I love about Viehl’s Darkyn series is the stability of the world. Each story gets better than the last and the rules never change. I know that I’m buying a paranormal romance book about vampires. I know the rules of their world and as changes occur in that world, I’m kept apprised. There is not more a reader can ask for than that.

When I read about Valentine in Private Demon I ached for him. I knew that he deserved his own story and heroine. A heroine that could love him as much as he was capable of loving her. The woman would have to be strong, but able to bend.

That’s exactly what I got with Liling. She is a woman who doesn’t need a man to fight her battles, but isn’t afraid to let down her guard. She is silently strong. She’s not mouthy or brash. She’s a breath of fresh air or the fire that burns the dead brush for a new life.

The scenes where Ms. Viehl takes us to meet the villains do not disappoint either. The Brethren are the bad guys. They are evil and this book shows more than any other how deeply rooted the darkness is. They aren’t the only villain in the book though.

A hunter is stalking Liling and watching him do it is a joy. His abilities are amazing and listening to his inner dialogue enlightening.

I can’t think of one thing that I disliked about this story. I guess that’s what makes Lynn Viehl a must buy for me. She types a great tale, with interesting characters and a storyline that bridges each book without regurgitating every aspect of the previous books.