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His Wicked Sins by Eve Silver

17 Jul

Favorite lines: “Catching her wrist, he drew her hand up, turned her palm forward. With no concern for propriety, he pushed her fingers inside his coat and his vest, against the thin linen of his shirt. Against his heart.

Warmth flooded her, the heat of his body. The heat of his gaze, so focused, so intent.

“Feel my heart, Beth. Feel the beat of it. Let my heart beat in time with your own.” He knew.” (p. 155 ARC)

1828 Yorkshire, England

Elizabeth Canham is on her way to a new teaching position at a boarding school. She is desperate to succeed because much depends on her success.

Her family is desperate for the money the job will bring and a small troubled child awaits in Burndale School for the love and support Elizabeth is capable of giving. She has no plans for romance, but when she meets enigmatic Griffin Fairfax on the dark road while waiting her ride to the school, indecent thoughts begin to plague her.

Griffin lost his wife and his child at the same time. His wife was lost to death, his daughter was lost in her own mind. Punishing himself for the situation his family is in, he tries to ignore his budding emotions for Elizabeth. But when he notices slight changes in his daughter’s attitude and reactions, he rightfully equates them to Elizabeth’s touch.

Even if they over come their own insecurities, Griffin and Elizabeth might not have a chance at life together. A serial killer is stalking, mutilating, and killing women in Yorkshire. Women similar to Elizabeth.

I really enjoy Ms. Silver’s gothic romance novels. They showcase good writing with a great plot. His Wicked Sins is no exception. It has several facets and a story line that flip-flops in time. The book starts with a murder that happened in 1813 London and then fast forwards to 1828  Yorkshire.

It is cleanly executed. Every time a time change occurs it is labeled. There is no confusion as to characters or the time and place events take place. Most importantly it adds to the suspense and the ‘what if’ factor.

I really enjoyed the mystery aspect of His Wicked Sins. I kept thinking I knew who the killer was. I’d change my mind as different clues were exposed, but in the end I was taken by surprise. That felt good.

His Wicked Sins is a great book. It is even better when you’re looking for a romance that’s a little dark and full of mystery. His Wicked Sins goes on sale Aug. 5 but you can read an excerpt that’s up on Ms. Silver’s site.