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Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake

31 Jul

Favorite Lines: “The naturi wanted nothing more that to rid the entire earth of all humans and nightwalkers. For them, protecting the earth was only possible through removing its greatest threat-mankind. (p. 30)

Mira, aka Fire Starter, has been a nightwalker (vampire) for centuries. She is 603-years-old and an enforcer in America. She is different from the other nightwalkers because she can control fire, something that devours the dead.

For a month she has watched the hunter Danaus destroy vampires in her territory, but she hasn’t intervened. The vampires aren’t hers; they have no master. Her observations come to an end when Danaus tells Mira that the naturi are back and looking for her.

Mira’s content living away from the other dark creatures of the night, but she refuses to allow her town to fall prey to a deadlier force than she. When she learns of the naturi being sighted, Mira has no choice but to look into her own past. That means revisiting the Ancient vampires who formed a trinity and saved the world centuries ago.

With nobody being what they seem, Nightwalker, is an interesting new addition to the paranormal world written by Jocelynn Drake. There are faes (naturi), vampires, witches/warlocks and werewolves in the Nightwalker world. There is betrayal, a possibility of redemption and an unexpected truth, too. Love rears its head in many areas, yet I’m left feeling undecided about Nightwalker.

While it is fully rounded, I’m still left wondering about motives. I know what motivates Mira, but who is the real hero of the book? Is there a hero? The main male character is Danaus, but he’s a tad bit shifty. I appreciate they didn’t discard centuries of hating the labels on each other (vampire and vampire slayer) by falling in love, but is there a relationship in the future?

I guess it’s really not fair to pose those questions in a fantasy series, but as a romance junkie I crave the light that usually comes with the lead male and female characters. I know that I’m not guaranteed anything other than a good story with a fantasy book. I know that Happily Ever After belongs to romance books, but that doesn’t stop my yearning for more.

For me the next installment will make or break the series. Until that happens check out the story of secondary character, Tristan or read other reviews at Darque Reviews, Waiting for Fairies and Amberkatze’s Book Blog.