Insatiable Desire by Rita Herron

12 Aug

Favorite Lines: “The deep shadows of the Smoky Mountains hid monsters. Beasts and evil that fed off the weak. Creatures not quite human.” (ARC p. 1)

Vincent Valtrez has bad blood. His blood is a darkness living inside of him, and allows him to find the worst serial killers. The darkness also brings bad thoughts. For Vincent, sex alleviates the primal, murderous thoughts that plague him, and has led him to create two rules about sex: always use a condom and never have it with the same woman twice.

Clarissa King is afraid of losing her mind. She is the child of a clairvoyant family and the daughter of a woman driven mad by the pleas from the dead. So when the ghosts of two local women visit her, Clarissa tells the Sheriff a serial killer is in their town. Instead of getting relief from the supernatural while she quests for justice on behalf of the women, she begins to hear more voices begging for help.

Vincent and Clarissa have no way to know that the killer and ghosts are all being driven by a demon. The demon is playing them like a fine tuned violin and is desperate to take souls, thereby earning a better position in Hell.

Insatiable Desire is book one in a new demon series (The Demonborn) that takes a slightly religious spin 0n the paranormal romance genre. It has demons and angels, the devil and ghosts. It also has hot sex and churches offering redemption.

The battle between good and evil began long ago for the characters in Insatiable Desire. As a child, both Vincent and Clarissa dealt with the dark side of life. Vincent had to live with an abusive, devil-worshiping father. Clarissa got stuck with the ability to lead lost souls to the light. Her powers bring the most traumatized of spirits to her, thus she sees terribly disfigured ghosts.

These ghost make sure that you never forget women are being killed in Insatiable Desire. Ms. Herron also did a good job disguising the killer. I had no idea (well until I read the page before the killer was identified) who was causing so much destruction.

The epilogue was something else though. I read it and had a WTF moment. I know that it’s propaganda for the series, but it came out of nowhere. Read it and come back. Tell me what you think about it. All I’ll say is that images from the television show Charmed popped into my mind.

Read another review at Darque Reviews, or watch the book trailer. Insatiable Desires goes on sale in September.


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