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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward

10 Sep

Favorite Lines: “Upstairs in her bloodred bedroom, Cormia couldn’t shake the conviction that by going outside, she had triggered a chain of event, the culmination of which she couldn’t begin to guess at.” (p. 70)

Cormia is the first Chosen to be placed with Phury, the Primale. Her job as first mate is to birth the newest generation, while Phury’s job is to father the race, first with Cormia, and later with other Chosen women.

Cormia has come a long way from the woman who was once strapped down to an alter, head covered, as she cried. She’s been living outside of sanctuary, and is getting used color, technology and Phury. She’s discovering that he is kind and considerate, but knows nothing about his terrible addictions.

Phury has lived in torment for years. He rescued his twin from life in bondage. Then he lost his leg. He has consoled himself with drugs, while empting his rage on Lesser’s by slicing them up. But that won’t calm the beast inside of him. Only with the help of Cormia can he find the balance in his violent world.

Lover Enshrined is not only the story of Cormia and Phury, but of all the Brotherhood characters. I don’t really get the appeal of reforming a drug addict, but I do see the attraction in Phury. He is damaged. He needs saving and like most women, the idea redeeming someone is seductive. It is what leads most women to pick the wrong man, but because the story is fictional, our deepest, darkest desires can come true.

My favorite plot line in the story was that of John. I love watching him grow as a character, but to be honest I kind of felt creepy reading about his sexual growth. It was like watching a neighbor kid grow up and then seeing that kid as an adult having sex. (Eww!!) Despite that, I really enjoyed the interaction between all the characters.

Phury really pissed me off towards the end, and when you read it I bet you feel the same way.

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