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Servant: The Acceptance by L.L. Foster

15 Sep

Favorite Lines: “The defenses screaming silently throughout her body and that he was the wrong person, in the wrong place—and there could be nothing right about his presence here tonight. Pickled with immorality, riddled with holes of depravity, his black aura clung to him like a wet cloak.” (p. 2)

Gabrielle Cody is a paladin, a soldier of God, sent to destroy evil in the world. She lives with the dregs of society, and is saddled with the burden of saving lives, while stomping out evil. After her mentor and friend were killed, she disappeared and created a new existence as a guardian for prostitutes.

When a prostitute winds up dead, Gaby kicks into gear, determined that no other women under her protection be tortured and killed. At the same time a man from Gaby’s past finds her and begins pressing her for any information she might have on the dead prostitute, while kissing her senseless.

Servant: The Acceptance is an interesting story, but it lost me when it kept throwing words I didn’t know at me. I read a lot, but when every page I turn has a word I’ve never heard of on it there’s a problem. Words like: consociation, sui generous, aphotic, aggrandized, recondite, dehiscent, perspicacious…, made me feel stupid and took away from the story. I began to wonder if it were a tactic to make me think the book was smarter than it was.

The book was interesting, but simple. There was violence, blunt talk and a strong heroine: all a plus in my book. The bad guy, was obvious, the conclusion too fast. The secondary characters played a very small role in the book and other than one young prostitute, were uninteresting.

I had high hopes for this series, but I’m finding that the Servant series is not enrapturing like I thought it would be.

Will I read the next book in the series? Probably. Will I run out to buy it? No.

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