Hard to Handle by Lori Foster

17 Sep

Favorite Lines: “Staring at the ceiling, Harley put his right arm behind his head and, by male instinct alone, reached his left hand over to palpate a lush derriere. (p. 2)

Harley Handleman, an extreme fighter, is on vacation at a small cabin in the mountains a few hours away from Harmony, Ky., but as a lady’s man he is always on the prowl. After a night out, he is surprised to find his landlady chopping wood on his return home; his testosterone kicks into full gear and he insists on finishing the job for her.

Anastasia Bradley, has given Harley the anonymity he needs for the past couple of years. In their small town his propensity towards loving and leaving the ladies is well known, and Stasia plans on looking, but not playing with Harley.

Her attitude changes after her brakes are cut and she is almost killed.

Harley has no intention of ever giving a woman more than one night of pleasure. Anastasia is different. He doesn’t know why, but he wants to protect her and bury himself inside of her. When her life is threatened he is forced into close proximity with her and hormones rage.

Extreme fighting has never sounded better. Ms. Foster has taken an extremely masculine sport and turned it into a woman’s wet dream. Hard to Handle is a sexy story overflowing with hot men while taking a lady’s man and redeeming him.

Harley was not a likable character in the beginning for me. He knew what he wanted and went after it. He was upfront and honest about his intentions, but his mind was an ugly, yet realistic, place. He had no use for a woman other than to sexually dominate her. He was chauvinistic and full of himself. By the end of the story I found him likable and worthy of redemption.

Anastasia was in control of everything, so it was nice to see her let loose a little bit. She was a competent woman, capable of taking care of herself, but interested in helping others find what they wanted in life. She was encouraging, but not overwhelming.

I was worried when secondary character, Barber, found a love interest. I thought it might draw attention away from Stasia and Harley’s story. I was wrong. The right amount of balance was kept and I feel like I got a twofer with Hard to Handle.

All of the characters pull together nicely into a great story full of fun minds. They are distinct individuals that alone meant nothing to me, but together created an interesting story. The one disappointment for me was the quickness of the conclusion. It felt rushed.

Hard to Handle is a light enjoyable read. You can find out what others thought by reading reviews at Stacy’s Place on Earth, Bodice Ripper Reviews and Book Binge.


2 Responses to “Hard to Handle by Lori Foster”

  1. Rosie September 19, 2008 at 3:25 am #

    I have to admit that the books Ms. Foster has written in this world are hit and miss for me. This one was pretty good as Anastasia is successful and complete on her own and has a good understanding of who and what Harley is.

    Nonetheless, I keep going back for more. You just never know about the next one…

  2. scooper September 19, 2008 at 9:25 am #

    Rosie: I much prefer this series to the Servant. I completely agree with you. If Anastasia would have had gaping flaws like Harley the book wouldn’t have worked for me.

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