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Quicksand by Iris Johansen

22 Sep

Favorite Line: “”Did you have an affair with him?” Eve felt a ripple of shock. She wanted to back away, change the subject, but she wasn’t going to lie to Jane. “No, it wasn’t like that.” “It might have been better if it had been. He disturbs the hell out of you.”” (ARC p. 36)

Iris Johansen does not disappoint with her newest installment in the Eve Duncan series, Quicksand.

Eve’s daughter disappeared years ago, and while Eve has since created her own haphazard family she has never given up the hope of finding her daughter’s remains. Seeking closure, she finds herself flirting with danger in the form of child serial killer, Kistle.

Kistle won’t let Eve off easily. He was content in his under the radar life that was ruined when Eve’s lover, Joe Quinn, set up surveillance on him. He entices her to play a game with him; a game that might lead to Eve’s daughter, Bonnie.

With help from Joe, her friends, Montalvo and Miguel, and Listener, Megan, Eve sets out to do the improbable, bring her daughter home. Continue reading