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Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland

24 Sep

Favorite lines: “The instant the tip entered his body he erupted outward, covering me with a fine layer of ash, the rest  floating in the gray-tinged darkness like dust motes in the sun, then cascading downward to coat the floor.” (ARC p. 31)

Elizabeth Phoenix, former cop, current bartender, is about to meet the nightmares that plague society. She is psychic and after her foster mother is murdered becomes a major player in the paranormal world and the leader in a supernatural war.

Liz must learn to fight the paranormal and come to terms with both her past lover, Jimmy Sanducci, and her past teacher, Sawyer. The things she discovers will test her inner strength while forcing her to accept the fact that she is special and a key figure in the battle. To come into her full power she must open herself with the aid of Sawyer. It brings her sexuality to the surface, but it is the only way good will prevail over evil. Continue reading