Dragon Wytch by Yasmine Galenorn

5 Oct

Favorite Lines: “As I gazed into his face, the tides of time rolled past. His features were frozen young, and his skin was as smooth as my own, but his eyes…They were the eyes of a god, the eyes of one almost immortal, the eyes of a dragon.” (P. 135)

Camille D’Artigo is a witch with fae blood and one of three sisters standing on the front lines in the war to prevent demons from becoming the rulers of earth. The sisters are half-human and need all the help they can get to fight the demon, Shadow Wing, and his followers and keep him from getting spirit seals.

To aid the sisters, the crown prince of the unicorns decides to gift them with a relic. Only his emissary is attacked and disappears before passing the gift to Camille. The mission is simple. The sisters need to find the missing pixie before the enemy gets him.

Not long after learning of the unicorn’s gift, Camille is told about a man who may know the location of the third spirit seal. The man is losing his grasp on sanity, suffers from nightmares, and will only speak to animals, making the task difficult and near impossible.

With goblins constantly inturpting Camille’s pursuit of both the gift and the seal while a trio of bad guys make finding the missing property a priority.

I know that most people enjoyed Dragon Wytch, I’m one of the few indecisive people that wasn’t impressed and who won’t be continuing the series (unless I’m given the other books), but who didn’t hate the book. The book wasn’t bad, but I don’t care or like the characters enough to continue.

Camille is a self-obsessed woman. She is all about her appearance and even stops at an important time in the story to get a pair of earrings. Her character is called Boobs and her need to poke her tits out for the world to see is nerve wracking.

Her sisters have proved to be of little interest to me as well, making the deal made in Darkling, that plays a large role in Dragon Wytch, the only reason I bought the book. I like Smokey the dragon. He is intriguing, there is nothing about him that I dislike and quite simply, I’m a sucker for his story. The deal he made with Camille is hot, hot, hot and didn’t disapoint. His hair (who would have ever thought I’d say this) is a major turn on. It’s length, well you just need to read the book to see what’s so great about his hair. He stole Camille’s story and the book is worth reading if only to learn about him.

A ton of events took place in Galenorn’s book. Fae politics come into play, and Trillian will be the basis of a major decision. Despite all the action (in and out of the bed) and even with the shift in the balance of power, I have no plans to continue the rotation of books told by the sisters.

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