Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge

7 Oct

Favorite Lines: “I screamed and slammed the brick into him, missing his temple and bouncing it off the back of his skull. I doubt he even noticed.” (p. 55)

Luna Wilder is an Insoli werewolf (a werewolf without a pack) and a kick ass homicide detective in Nocturne City. She keeps her wolf under wraps, determined to not be overtaken by its animalistic nature. Living with her cousin, Sunny, she tries to remain aloof after a lifetime of being considered the outsider as the only were and non-witch in her family.

When women begin being killed in a ritualistic manner, Luna follows leads that take her into the Redback wolves’ territory and strait to pack leader, Dmitri Sandovsky. In time Luna discovers that the killings are far more than sex gone bad; the murders are demonic and possibly world shattering as a demon only found in legend is sought.

I wanted to read Night Life when I read the blurb on Amazon. Ms. Kittredge was nice enough to tell me to email her publicist for review copies, unfortunately, I never heard back from the publicist. So, after a Borders run Friday, I bought Night Life and Pure Blood. I wish I would have bought them sooner.

Luna is a smart mouth, think-after-you-speak, kind of girl. She’s also an Insoli werewolf and treated with hostility by all other werewolves she comes across. Luna doesn’t let this crappy treatment hold her back, though and forges forward in her hunt to find a serial killer.

It isn’t long before she discovers a connection from one of the dead women to Dmitri, formerly of the Ukraine. Now I like damaged, dark and alpha werecreatures, but I was a little turned off when I discovered he was arrested for pimping out his girl. The possession with intent to deal arrest didn’t bother me though. 🙂

I quickly got over it (although it does kinda niggle at the back of my brain) as I got to know Dmitri better. He is strong-physically and mentally (he does put up with Luna’s crazy tail). He is protective and hot damn, I love the idea of him.

I really hated the way Luna was treated by everyone. From her cousin to the police officers to the werecreatures around town, she is treated like trash. She is called names and it’s mainly because of her involuntary were status. Yeah, she’s a bit of a ball buster, but damn it, if everyone is looking for a way to get at you, you’d be bitchy too.

Obviously I enjoyed the story. I liked the action, mystery and sex. I became invested in the characters and found a wonderful urban fantasy story.

The witches and dark magic adds excitement to Night Life, a perfect title for a story dedicated to the darker side of life. Night Life is an urban fantasy that I’ll read again and again.


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