Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard

2 Nov

Favorite Lines: “They actually believed he was El Diablo. Let them believe. He did nothing to dispel their pathetic fears. He propagated them like a gardener, tended to them like a crop of poisonous weeds. He used them, abused them, made them his minions to do as he bid.” (p. 72)

After being held by terrorists in Buenos Aires, journalist Jenna McMillan, has lost her nerve. In order to find herself she returns to Argentina with plans to interview a billionaire, Emilio Maxim, and possibly see Gabriel Jones, a man led the raid on the encampment where she was held hostage.

Gabriel is part of a team payed to provide added security for Maxim. While Gabriel waits in disguise for his client’s car, he notices Jenna standing on the steps of Congress and a car racing towards the Congress building. He reacts in time to save Jenna, but is badly injured.

As Gabriel recoops, Jenna and he become intimate and it becomes clear that someone wants them dead.

Show No Mercy is book one in Cindy Gerard’s Black Ops, Inc., series. The characters are interesting and engaging. Their relationship realistic. The two met in battle, and parted damaged. Gabriel felt empty after watching his love be tortured before dying. Jenna was scared after being in captivity. Together the couple can heal their scars. Alone, they don’t stand a chance.

While the couple was well rounded, the information dump that took place slowed the story. A lot of it was needed to bring the reader up to speed about the history between Jenna and Gabriel, but it extended to the entire plot. Everybody, relationship, death had a past that needed to be explained and for me that was a problem.

Despite the info dump, the story was well written and informative (boy, did I learn about weapons), telling a love story that evolved over time and horrible obstacles.

Show No Mercy is available for purchase now, and the second book in the series, Take No Prisoners, will be released Oct. 21, 2008. I’ve found other helpful reviews at Book Binge, All About Romance, Romantic Inks and A Book Blogger’s Diary.


2 Responses to “Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard”

  1. Keri Ford November 2, 2008 at 4:49 pm #

    Hey, Scooper, I’m glad you found my review helpful on Romantic Inks! I truly loved the characters in this story.

  2. scooper November 3, 2008 at 7:45 am #

    Keri: The characters were good. Thanks for popping by.

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