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She Knows His Secret by Racy Li

3 Nov

Favorite Lines: “The edge of something round was placed into her opening. She was rocked back into her seat by the force of its penetration. The invisible cock began to spin into her. She gripped the armrests with a gasp she tried to disguise as a cough and balanced her computer on her thighs as the sensations screwed her sensibilities.” (p. 86)

Audrey realized she was dating a superhero and was patiently waiting for him to come clean with her and tell her who he really was. It didn’t happen so she broke up with him.

Centurion loves Audrey. He proposed marriage and she broke up, saying he didn’t trust her. All he wanted was to get married and tell her his secret identity once he was sure she wouldn’t leave him.

Audrey and Centurion aren’t as done with one another as they thought though. A virus is creating havoc and it is up to Audrey to figure out the problem with a little bit of superhero aid.

Racy Li is great at writing highly charged sex scenes and she didn’t disappoint in She Knows His Secret. The sex scenes are sure to send twinges of pleasure through readers, while the superhero story take comic books into the female readers world.

I enjoyed the character Audrey. She was a full figured, sexy, smart woman who knew what she wanted and accepted nothing less. Her hero, Centurion, doubted himself (understandably), but in the end realized he had something to offer Audrey.

The storyline is typical good versus evil. The story is a short 143 pages of pure entertainment. It’s a light, well-written story.

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