Night’s Master by Amanda Ashley

4 Nov

Favorite Lines: “As more and more people spent more and more time in front of computers, reading electronic media lost its appeal once the novelty off. Readers went back to gathering in bookstores, browsing through the shelves or relaxing in a comfortable chair with a good book and a cup of coffee. Plus there was nothing quite as satisfying as the smell or the feel of a new book.” (p. 32)

Vampires and werewolves are fighting each other for supremacy. The winner will go after humanity and since everyone knows they mainly live in big cities, Kathy McKenna is setting up residence in small town Oak Hollow. As the owner of the town’s only bookstore, business is slow until she meets the North American leader of the vampires, Raphael Cordova.

Raphael is in charge of keeping the peace in the neutral town of Oak Hollow. He is dedicated to hard work and pretty much keeps to himself until he finds himself fascinated by the town’s newest member, Kathy, and asks her out on a date.

As the two learn about each other, humans and supernatural creatures alike, are attacked, killed or changed. It’ll take an unexpected alliance and a little love for Kathy and Raphael to survive and find a future together.

Night’s Master is a paranormal love story featuring werecreatures and vampires. For the most part the story is in first person and reminiscent of a diary’s voice. At times Ms. Ashley allows the voice to change to third so that the reader can see what’s happening while Kathy is locked inside her home or other wise indisposed.

As I started reading, a big grin spread across my face. I loved every bit of what I read, until I got to page 108 (out of 364) and after knowing each other for a short period-less than two weeks- Kathy and Raphael profess love for one another. What? I don’t get it. Quick love bothers me in a bad way.

Otherwise, the story was great. The bad guys were totally unexpected, the secondary characters were lovely (especially Susie and Joe) and the pacing was perfect. Overall, I enjoyed Night’s Master and look forward to reading more from Ms. Ashley.

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