Demon’s Hunger by Eve Silver

9 Nov

demonshungersilverFavorite Lines: “I gotta tell you,” she babbled as she spun, spotted the front door, and stumbled toward it, “I’ve never much been one for reading fantasy. Or watching movies with vampires and werewolves. There’s enough horror in the world without dreaming up more, thank you very much.” (ARC 73)

Losing time is scary and hours with no recollection of what she’s done are plaguing Vivien Cairn. Is she losing her mind?

In addition, Vivien meets sexy Dain Hawkins and her non-existent urge for sex has suddenly cranked into overdrive. To top off a crazy life, Vivien’s home has burnt down and Dain has decided she needs his protection 24-7.

Dain Hawkins, Sorcerer, has lived with loss and betrayal. He is emotionally immune, until he meets Vivien. Something about her sparks a need within him to protect, care for and sex her. But she acts strange at times. Almost as if she doesn’t remember things.

A serial killer is eating her victims alive. Could Vivien be one the brotherhood of sorcerers need to stop?

I love Eve Silver‘s books. She has a way of luring you in, putting you in a head lock and making you read her books. Demon’s Hunger, book two in the Sorcerers series, did that to me the other day by providing great storylines and characters in an easy to read (but not dumb) book. It’s the kind of story that jumps at you, takes a bite and has to be surgically removed because it’s that good.

Ms. Silver  throws horror, excitement and turmoil at her readers with lines like, “His gut was ripped open, her hand inside him.” and “He was alone, horny, and in possession of a partially scorched demon bone.” I found myself turning the pages for more.

While I knew who the killer was early and I knew one of the major secrets about Vivien, there was one secret that eluded me until the very end, which excited me. Foreshadowing is heavily used, but is not overdone. This isn’t a book that gives everything away; the foreshadowing hints (not screams) of what may possibly come.

With well rounded characters, Ms. Eve has given me a cast that I expect to hear more about, especially Vivien’s mother and best friend.

I really believe that Ms. Silver is on a roll with the sorcerer stories she has created. They are paranormal, but a departure from the normal vampires and werewolves that we normally get. While I doubt I’ll ever burn out on the paranormal, this series may be the breath of fresh air within the genre that will bring burnouts back the the fantastical world of romance.

Demon’s Hunger is supposed to be released in December of 2008, but you can buy it today and have it shipped in 2 to 3 days at Barnes and Noble. If you want to read an excerpt, visit the author’s website. The link is provided above.

Happy Reading!


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