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All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

10 Nov

alliwantforchristmasisavampiresparksFavorite Lines: “Yeah, that’s me. Dr. Phang. Long in the tooth, and long in the wang.” (p. 27)

While trying to prove vampires don’t exist to her hospitalized best friend by walking in the park at night, Toni was attacked, controlled and fed off of by Malcontent vampires. However rescue came in the shape of a sword bearing soldier. Toni was given a job as a day guarder by vampire Connor. Her job is simple; protect sleeping vampires, don’t get intimately involved with the vampires she’s assigned to guard, and keep her mouth shut about vampire society.

That’s what she plans to do, well kind of, while she searches for a way to prove to psychiatrists that vamps do exist. It’s the only way she can think of to get her best friend released from the institution where she was placed after telling the world about the existence of vampires.

Ian MacPhie is a Scotsman vampire, who has aged 12 years, and is searching for a vamp mate. Spending hundreds of years getting older, but always looking 15 wore on him and now he looks forward to finding a woman that he can settle down with. His only requirement is honesty. He wants someone to be honest with and someone to be honest with him.

His bar owner friend encourages him to allow her to sign him up at on an online dating service and places him directly in the sights of the world. A world filled with vampires wanting to rule, because the drug that aged Ian allows its user to withstand the command to sleep in the day, rendering its user a daywalker.

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire is an at times snarky, humorous, quick romance. The hero and heroine are damaged, but their problems don’t weigh down the story. The problems add a touch of depth to this otherwise light story.

As seems to be the norm for vampire romances lately, a synthetic blood exists, but not all vamps drink it. It causes conflict between vamps because you now have those who refuse to prey on humans and those content to drink from a bottle.

Love is in the air, but with a quirky heroine intent on protecting herself and her friends, a vampire is a vampire. When she is cared for by the same creatures who bit and fed off her, Toni begins to feel compassion and protective of the for her employer’s people.

Characters from past books make appearances and there are two main settings. The dialogue was witty even though there were no surprised to me in the story. I knew what was going to happen. This isn’t always a bad thing, so while I wasn’t engrossed in the complex story, I was entertained.

You can buy All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire today.