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Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh

12 Nov

mercuryswarleighFavorite lines: “One minute she was searching for the file she remembered seeing the day before, the next minute there was an iron rod pressing against the seam of her ass through her skirt and Mercury’s pants.” (p. 53)

Ria Rodriquez is hiding behind a dowdy wardrobe and Mercury Warrant is the Breed dying to find out all of her secrets. The perfect mix of lion and human, Mercury has suppressed his inner beast, and wants to know what turns Ria on and reasons for being at Sanctuary. He doesn’t believe she is performing an audit for one minute.

Ria is searching for the leak at Sanctuary. Someone is sharing secrets and she plans to seal the leak quickly, not counting on her growing feelings for Mercury. She wants more than he can give. She wants a mate, but because Breeds mate only one time and Mercury lost his mate years ago, she doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m so glad I read Mercury’s War. I thought it was going to be a story all about a love triangle, but boy was I wrong.  Mercury’s War is a love story about Mercury and Ria. During the romance we learn that someone is selling information about the Breeds. This is a secondary plot line, as the main focus is all about Mercury and Ria.

I loved Mercury. He is the dream alpha character. He is strong, sexually aggressive, and determined to make Ria happy. He is protective and demanding, but willing to give his life for Ria. Mercury is sex on feet.

Ria is a strong woman, but it isn’t until the final chapters of the book that the reader is told just how strong she really is. Believe me, it’s worth waiting for.

The suspense storyline about danger to Sanctuary wasn’t strong to me, but I’m okay with that because of how much I enjoyed the characters: main and secondary alike. Remember, Lora Leigh writes erotic stories. If you don’t like explicit sex, you won’t like this book.

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