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Scions: Revelation by Patrice Michelle

16 Nov

scionsrevelationmichelleFavorite Lines: “She tried to jerk free, but he deepened his bite, sending pain shooting down her neck. Despite her fear, she hissed and tucked her tail underneath her in an act of rebellion.” (p. 143)

Caine Greennard, lone wolf, left his pack because his shifting control seemed to be slipping. Afraid of possibly causing danger to the pack and refusing to wear a silver chain that would prevent him from shifting, he takes up residence amongst humans.

Emma Gray has a great nose. Her sense of smell has done wonderful things for her, so when it picks up an earthy scent she is unable to anything but follow the smell into a night club. Inside she finds a gorgeous man plastered with two women. Cutting her losses, she bails.

The next day Emma’s aunt is kidnapped and a note is left demanding Emma meet the kidnappers at the night club that night. What ensues is the fulfillment of a prophesy that foretold the big three coming together: panther, wolf and vampire.

Scions: Revelation is the first book written by Patrice Michelle that I’ve ever read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was fast paced, had a touch of darkness and was hot, hot hot. It is a shapeshifter romance that, as a first time reader of the series, went in a direction I didn’t expect. I started reading the book at 7  and finished it at 9:30, because the story and characters were primal, and the bursts of action intense.

I had no problems reading Revelation as a stand alone, but to understand the world building better I’d suggest reading: Scions: Resurrection, Scions: Insurrection and Scions: Perception (a bite).

Emma is a woman coming into her own. She is also drawn to Caine in a soul deep attraction. To protect Emma, Caine would do anything, and with two different factions looking to acquire her, he just may have to pull out all the stops.

Scions:Revelation is a quick, enjoyable read. It is one of those books that gets to the point and tells a good story. After years of readers turning their backs on series romance because of its predictability, Scions: Revelation proves that series books have evolved.

Scions: Revelation will be released Dec. 1, 2008.