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Midnight Sins by Cynthia Eden

17 Nov

midnightsinsedenFavorite Lines: “She was an aberration, she knew it. Not a predator like she should be. Too weak. The demon blood in her body should have made her a perfect hunter.” (ARC, p. 7)

While trying to solve a string of killings that has left naked men tied to beds, Detective Todd Brooks, finally has a suspect, the beautiful, Cara Maloan. Despite his sexual attraction for the blonde bombshell, Todd will find out if she has anything to do with the strange deaths taking place in his city and if she’s responsible he’ll see her punished.

Cara Maloan is a succubus who has sworn off sex. Not satisfied with glamouring men, she yearns for a man to love her not one that is drawn because of the pheromones she expels. When Detective Brooks shows up at her door, her inner demon begins to unravel and reach for the hot human.

In a city where the dark side is alive and thriving, a human and demon lean towards each other in an age old dance of love. As passions are reached, deaths occur and point an accusatory finger at the demon, threatening the lovers hope of a life together.

Ms. Eden is one of my favorite erotic writers. When you buy one of her books you get a great story with intense sex scenes and a well thought out book.

I’m not a huge fan of succubi, but I liked Cara. She knew that her life wasn’t going in the right direction and decided to change that by becoming celibate. But because succubi and sex go together, it was imperative that Ms. Eden come up with a plausible substitute. I’m pleased to say that she did.

As usual, the secondary characters are well rounded and I can’t wait to read their stories. The mystery or suspense aspect of the story worked well. I never completely knew who the killer was until the tail end of the book.

One thing that concerned me is that Midnight Sins takes place after Hotter After Midnight, Colin’s story. A lot happened in HAM, and the fall out is in Midnight Sins. Colin was hiding the fact that he was a shifter, Todd’s boss was keeping his animal charming skills secret and the Coroner had been kidnapped and tortured in HAM by a sadistic shifter. Those things are referenced and followed up upon in Midnight Sins. For people that didn’t read HAM, this may be a problem.

As usual you can find other reviews at Bitten by Books and Sensual Romance. Midnight Sins goes on sale Dec. 1.