Blood Bargain by Maria Lima

26 Nov

bloodbargainlimaFavorite Lines: “The taste expanded in my mouth, stronger than a single drop should be, dark red oakironblood flavor exploding, catching me off guard.” (p. 14)

A mixed-blood woman waiting to change into something Other, Keira Kelly’s life was going pretty good. She was snuggling up with the King of the vampires, Adam Walker, and her family was an ocean away. Then Adam began getting weak. He stopped waking up on time and her insecurities returned full force.

Despite the Adam drama, Keira still has commitments to fulfill and that means meeting with a realtor about buying some land that butts up against Wild Moon Ranch (the vampire haven). While there she meets an illegal immigrant, Ignacio, who is searching her his brother, and decides to assist him. After returning to town, Keira finds out that the sheriff can’t help her because four teenagers have gone missing.

Keira’s journey to the truth will lead her to answers about her past and future. She’ll find out what’s happening to Adam, and maybe with his help become the person she was created to be.

Blood Bargain by Maria Lima is the second book in the Blood Lines series. It follows up a few months after Matters of the Blood ends. Keira is concerned at the amount of time it’s taking her to come into her powers and the healer is unavailable. Her worries for herself cease when it becomes obvious that Adam is in serious danger from apparent malnutrition.

I really didn’t feel a romance vibe with the story mainly because there is little interaction between Adam and Keir in the story. Yeah, Keira loves Adam, but most of the book is spent trying to figure out what happened to the missing man and four teens, and why Adam is doing so poorly. Very little time is actually used to inspect the couple’s relationship. I consider this book to be straight urban fantasy.

Blood Bargain is told in first person, so a lot rides on the readers feeling about Keira. If you love Keira, you’ll love the book. The same is true about hate. If you hate Keira, you’ll hate the book. I say this because Keira is a strong person, almost too strong. She has strong opinions and because you’re reading the book in first person, it feels like the reader has strong feelings about issues. This isn’t bad if you agree with the character, but when you find yourself cringing…

So, on to what I liked. I enjoyed the way the end unfolded. I liked the supernatural character I met in gray and the way the pacing picked up towards the end. I thought the tension introduced between two major characters was a great idea.

One of the things I absolutely hated was when Keira is having a vision about an illegal immigrant who happens to be speaking and the reader is allowed to hear his words in English and Spanish words would be thrown in. For example, “thinking with his cojones instead of what was left of his brain… Estupido.”

Form your own opinion by reading Blood Bargain. It is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Juno Books.

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