Silver Bells an anthology

5 Dec

silverbellsanthology1Favorite Lines: “C’mon, Alice, you can’t leave me with these kids and this  dog. I know you didn’t mean that; you’re just venting, and I can understand how hard it’s been . Get in  the car. Please…” (ARC p. 13)

Silver Bells by Fern Michaels is a contemporary romance about a man (Hank) who gets stuck watching his twin nephews after their mother has a melt down and runs away. While watching the children and their dog (who pees on everything), he notices a neighbor and is reminded of a girl from his past.

Amy Lee, aka Amanda Leigh, left her Pennsylvania home as a child after her parents died. She traveled around the world before settling in California and becoming a well known actress. Deciding that the glitz and glamour of the spotlight might not be for her any more, Amy revisits her childhood home and finds a friend and more in Hank.

Silver Bells is a classic contemporary romance. It’s extremely light hearted, and focused on a couple falling in love. Set at Christmas, the story features tree and home decorating and the spirit of helping others. While it was nothing new, there is still something to be said about a well-written romance.

Favorite Lines: “And although it didn’t make any sense at all, Holly oddly felt as if having landed here in Santa’s Village, she was catching a glance of what her life might have been.” (ARC p. 157)

Mystery writer Holly Berry couldn’t have picked a better plot. A woman is driving in her car along a deserted road when a reindeer runs out in front of her, causing her to crash. Along comes a tall, dark and deadly looking man who stops and walks towards her…

Gabriel O’Halloran, a retired Marine, found Holly and her vehicle in a snowbank and offered her a ride to the nearest town, Santa’s Village. As owner of the Ho Ho Ho Inn and a single father, Gabe has his hands full. But what he’d really like is to fill his arms with Holly.

Dear Santa by JoAnn Ross is a cute tale of love and Christmas righting the past. In Santa Central, our heroine learns that Christmas wishes come true in the most unexpected of ways.

Favorite Lines: “Not smart Charlotte,” he hissed. He shoved her against the desk so her stomach dug painfully into the wood. He pressed the gun to her head as he fumbled with the hem of her skirt. (ARC p. 252)

Nicole Piper’s dead husband is still messing with her. Years of abusing her weren’t enough. Impregnating her by rape wasn’t enough. But sending her on a trip and rewarding her with the identity of a man who killed her friend just might be.

David Ayden’s children are spending Christmas with his deceased wife’s parents and he is working at the police precinct. When he hears that Nicole is going to get proof in a murder investigation he demands to tag along for the ride. Unfortunately, Nicole’s husband isn’t a good looser and an elaborate game of revenge has been set into motion.

Christmas Past by Mary Burton is a winner. She’s taken a character I began to admire in Dead Ringer and told her story in a fast paced suspense tale of a damaged woman learning to trust again and a widower taking a second chance at his happy ever after.

Favorite Lines: “As Jillian welcomed her old boyfriend into the house, her pulse rate soared through the roof, and her heart tripped all over itself trying to regain control.” (ARC p. 300)

Mac is cleaning up a home he inherited on Mulberry Street when his neighbor arrives and asks the police officer to be a mediator with his new neighbor. Mac reluctantly agrees and is shocked when the troublesome neighbor’s door opens to display his former girlfriend, Jillian.

Jillian is trying to cope with being a single mother in a new town after her husband walked out on her and their two children. When her ex-husband tells her she won’t be receiving child support Jillian cancels Christmas. With her life in shambles, she answers the door and finds Mac and an opportunity of a better life than she ever expected.

A Mulberry Park Christmas by Judy Duarte is a nice, contemporary family romance. Single mother, Jillian, and her childhood boyfriend, Mac, do family things together while rekindling a romantic friendship. The children are as much a part of the romance as the couple and provide a realistic touch to a lovely story that incorporates a tad bit of religion into a classic romance.


2 Responses to “Silver Bells an anthology”

  1. Carolyn Jean December 6, 2008 at 11:57 am #

    Well, this sounds very cute – a lot lighter than the books you usually review, and lighter than the stuff I tend to read, but that Mary Burton story sounds really good!

  2. scooper December 6, 2008 at 1:20 pm #

    It’s definitely lighter. The Burton story was a great short story. I really liked Nicole in Dead Ringer. At the end of the story she’d just given birth to her daughter and I was reluctant to leave her. So I was pleased to discover her story in Silver Bells.

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