Red by Jordan Summers

6 Dec

redsummersFavorite Lines: “What the hell happened to her? Where are her eyes?” (p. 19)

Women are being eaten alive by a predator and two people are determined to find their killer.

Gina Santiago, aka Red, has taken leave from her elite tactical team in order to investigate a brutal killing. Her investigation leads her to small town Nuria and its sheriff, Morgan Hunter.

Morgan is a strong man. He refuses to give the tactical team any reason to visit his town, because they are known for destroying and then asking questions. So when a young woman winds up mauled to death, he decides to keep her death to himself and look for her killer.

In a time when being different is not acceptable, two people will risk all that they are for a chance at love. They will push the boundaries in search of a killer who has plans of his own. Plans that involve Gina…

Red by Jordan Summers is a fast paced urban fantasy romance with interesting characters and a cool plot. I loved the idea of a woman with secrets and part of a male dominated team making the decision to take an extended leave in order to right a wrong.

Granted the whole killer idea was pretty thin. I knew who the killer was relatively early and I think that is partially because of meeting so few characters in the small town of Nuria.

While I enjoyed the uber dark villain’s thoughts, I was disappointed when his identity was unveiled. I don’t feel like I got an explanation for his behavior and his actions towards Morgan. It was kind of like I’m a killer and should be alpha, but I hid it from everyone because I can.

Red was a super quick read for me. I have no strong opinions about it one way or another except for really liking its packaging. (It has red dye on all the edges of the book.) I will be reading the next installment, Scarlet, which continues the story of Morgan and Gina.

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