No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn

8 Dec

nowordsalonedawnFavorite Lines: “You’ve really got a bad situation here, and I’m sympathizing with that. Being the only woman and all.” (p. 30)

Lt. Xera Harris-d is a translator aboard a Galactic Explorers ship that crashes after a battle with the Scorpio people on a hostile planet. The Scorpio ship is also damaged and crashes too. The two groups of people agree to join forces against the dangers of the planet, because there is safety in numbers.

It isn’t long before Xera is approached by her human companions with offers of sex for protection, but she is shocked when the Scorpio people rescue her.

Commander Ryven Atarus is fascinated by the strong willed blue eyed woman on the enemy’s ship. She is brave and intelligent. The kind of girl you take home to your family.

No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn is a futuristic romance. It follows a virginal woman taken captive and given a position of power, who marries and finds love.  Despite my irritation with the aliens speaking like humans, I realized I was enjoying an old fashioned romance. (Virgin meets warrior, saves herself for marriage, falls in love, etc…)

No Words Alone is full of cliches, but in a good way. It’s classic, as in oh my God, they didn’t do that. But even as I giggled as “he rode her to her reward” and at other inappropriate moments, I couldn’t put the book down.

The world building was interesting, the villainous creatures that threatened the Scorpio society were gross. I mentally played matchmaker to the great secondary characters and planned out their stories.

I guess what I’m getting at is if you enjoy a good romance on an alien planet, No Words Alone could be the book for you.


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