Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

20 Dec

deadasadoornailharrisFavorite Lines: “He didn’t realize he’d already kissed just about every inch of Sookie Stackhouse. We’d been as up close and personal as a man and woman could be.” (p. 30)

The witch wars ended with the vampires coming out on top and Eric regaining the memory of who he was, but no memory of his time with amnesia. Dying to know what went on between himself and Sookie, he relentlessly drops hints and waits for Sookie to tell him about himself.

Meanwhile, Jason (Sookie’s brother), turns into a werepanther and is accepted into the nearby inbred community of Hotshot. That is until a shooter begins targeting shifters and suspicion drifts to Jason.

Sookie takes it upon herself to find the killer before Jason can become targeted for retaliation.

If you’ve been keeping up with with the Southern Vampire series you know that werecreatures are made after being bit several times. So Dead as a Doornail takes place a few weeks after Dead to the World ends, and begins with Jason turning into a werepanther. This begins an even thorougher introduction into the were-world and its politics.

As is the norm with this series several threads are taking place: Sookie’s hunt for a killer, her concern for Tara and her part in the contest for pack leadership. All have their own climaxes, but Ms. Harris has a talent for making the seemingly seperate stories come together for a great ending.

Bill is still around pissing off Sookie with his new human girlfriend, but he plays a tiny role in this book. Eric’s insecurities show as he makes it clear that he remembers every detail of his life with the exception of his time with amnesia. Tara makes a prolonged appearance with a new vampire never before introduced culminating in a great ending and Eric and Sookie on the same page.

Basically, Dead as a Doornail is an integral part of the Southern Vampire series. It points out interesting things that happened in the past and leads the reader through a mystery to the next book, Definitely Dead.

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