Midnight’s Daughter by Karen Chance

29 Dec

midnightsdaughterchanceFavorite Lines: “A clinical pewter gaze watched as I arched in white-hot agony, my body bent like a bow as flames poured through me. Fire ate away at my nerve endings, but instead of deadening, the pain kept building, getting worse every second until it felt like my bones would climb right out of my flesh.” (p. 308)

In a world that hates and fears dhampirs, Dorina Basarab, is alone but for one friend, Claire. A dhampir, she doesn’t make many friends and is prone to fits where she rages with no memory after the event.

Her friend/roommate Claire has been missing and Dorry is determined to find her. Unfortunately the fae are looking for Claire, too. The search proves traumatic when Dorry’s father enlists her aid in finding and trapping her uncle Vlad (Dracula) who wants to kill her. And the handsome French vampire, Louis-Cesare, keeps insisting that he’s in charge. For a woman used to being alone, life has gotten awfully crowded.

Midnight’s Daughter is an interesting foray into the urban fantasy world of Karen Chance. This world is the basis of four books and at least one short story, so when I heard about a new story being created in it I was optimistic and excited.

Ms. Chance didn’t disappoint me, either. She gave me a girl born of a vampire and human, forced to fight for survival on a daily basis and with one friend in the world. Then, she twisted her into a mouthy, strong and smart woman. Dory knew when to shut her mouth and when to kick ass.

The story is told in the first person, from Dory’s perspective and is the start of a new series guaranteed to be hot. Hints of a romance to come, mixed with an old Chance character, Mircea, is a sneak peak of a little of the action associated with Dory.

Dory wasn’t the only interesting character by a long shot, though. There is a grieving widow/troll seeking revenge. She was huge and doesn’t take shit from anyone. She was also a crafty creature. Dracula, the scorned brother of Mircea. And I can’t forget Radu, another brother of Mircea, looking for peace.

Overall, I loved the story and only one thing struck me as abrupt. There is a scene where a traitor is caught and a fight begins. Then like a comedy, at an unexpected moment, the traitor pops into view before being quickly dispatched. It felt… off and abrupt.

Here’s what Romantic Times, The Romance Reader, Monsters and Critics thought about the story, and what Karen Chance had to say when she blogged about it at Midnight Moon Cafe.


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