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Read the Harlequin Manga?

3 Jan

Has anyone read the manga put out by Harlequin? I bought four of them the other day (they were marked down to $1.99 at B&N) and wondered what y’all had to say about them. Don’t be shy speak up.

Update: I donated the manga books to the library and they were pleased. That was in 2009. In 2010 my oldest daughter found them at the library and loved them. That is all.

Up in Smoke by Katie MacAlister

3 Jan

upinsmokemacalisterFavorite Line: “I opened the door, adjusted the large leather strap that ran across my breasts so it hid my nipples and tugged down the minuscule bit of cloth on my rump, prayed the upcoming ceremony was going to be brief.” (p. 32)

After being taken to Abbadon, May Northcott knew that her mate, Gabriel Tauhou, would find a way to save her. She just never imagined that it would mean her becoming a demon lord consort.

Gabriel can’t wait to get May back. He has worked relentlessly towards her return, even while putting off a weyr meeting. When she is returned, it is back to business. The business of leading the silver dragons, loving May and ensuring the survival of dragonkind.

In the second installment of The Silver Dragons series, Up in Smoke, Ms. MacAlister presents May in her new Abbadon home trying to outwit her boss, the demon lord, Magoth. It isn’t long before Gabriel is able to talk her into becoming Magoth’s consort, because this will give Magoth access to the human world, something that he’s wanted for a very long time.

When May returns to Earth she yearns to take up her duties as Gabriel’s mate and that means attending the sarkany, weyr meeting. At the meeting a discussion about the rightful leader of the blue dragons is discussed, ending with a group of men entering and opening fire on the assembled people. During the attack a horrendous act takes place that changes May.

I was a little disappointed that Magoth didn’t torture May. He had an image to uphold and he ruined it for me by just insisting that May become his consort. I’m hoping he’ll redeem himself in the upcoming books.

The books are full of sexual tension that is relieved by quickies with no foreplay. And I had no problem with that. Not every sex scene needs to be the same and by eliminating the foreplay a lot of repetition is eliminated.

But other than the Magoth issue, I enjoyed the comedic story. By the end, I disliked May’s sister even more, wanted Aisling to have her baby, and wished for book three. Up in Smoke is not a stand alone book, so check out Playing with Fire before picking this book up. What do you think about Up in Smoke?