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Veil of Midnight by Lara Adrian

4 Jan

veilofmidnightadrianFavorite Lines: “Your emotions betray you, beauty. I can feel the rise of your heart rate, the spike of adrenaline that’s running through your veins even now. I felt the change in you from the moment the warrior entered the room.” (p. 80)

Renata is much more than just a Breedmate capable of birthing children to the vampire race. She is a warrior serving a Gen One vampire and a woman who has lived her entire life because of one thing: her will to survive. Now, her determination to protect a small human child held captive by her vampire boss puts Renata in danger, but not as much as her interest in the vampire warrior sent to warn her boss of a hitman killing all of the first generation vampires.

Nikolai is a member of the Order, a vampire group that makes sure civilian vampires are protected and stops vampires with blood lust from killing humans. When Nikolai arrives in Montreal to warn a vampire elder of the danger, he catches sight of a beautiful woman with knowledge of the vampire and a deadly ability. Her ability gets the best of him, but not for long.

Nikolai is invited to the elder’s home, discovers a horrifying truth in a ditch and a vision of his future in the eyes of a young girl.

Veil of Midnight is book five in the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian. It picks up a storyline introduced in the preceding books, but works as a stand alone. Reading about a warrior finding love is always fun, but when Ms. Adrian tells the story it gets even better. Her ability to connect stories with a reaching arc, yet end a story by the final page of each book continues to pique my interest and force me to spend my money on her work.

Her characters are well rounded and while previously introduced characters are followed up on throughout the story, they don’t become the story. For example, Veil of Midnight is about Renata and Nikolai, but it flashes to Andreas Reichen in Berlin. This is a set up for the next book in the series and a good one at that. It is a teaser that gives you a taste of what to expect in the next Midnight Breed series, but it quickly reverts to Renata and Nikolai.

Renata is a strong woman who places her trust and love in Nikolai’s hands. Is he completely worthy? Well, no, and the quickness with which Renata throws away a lifetime of distrust is appalling. But this is a romance. Not real life. It is entertainment at its best and a series I see myself reading until Ms. Adrian stops writing it.

The next installment slated to be released in May 2009, Ashes of Midnight.

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