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Bathroom rules and Romance

5 Jan

romancetoiletGenevieve pulled Lancelot into the corner and smashed her body into his. Her arms grasped the lapels of his shirt as she battled her tongue with his. “Wait. Someone might see us,” Lancelot said.

The couple pushed open the nearest door, found themselves in the women’s restroom and were greeted with the smell of the last entrant’s poop. It was as effective as a bucket of cold water being dumped on the couple and the mood was broken. The two separated and went back to work totally grossed out.

Can you imagine the horror of bathroom sex with parfum de pupu in the air? Anyways, I have a couple of workplace bathroom pet peeves and wondered about y’all. I can’t stand it when there are three stalls and people go in the middle stall, forcing me to pee next to them.

My other pet peeve is people taking a dump in the toilet and leaving floaties. Ewww gross!! I know this is different from my normal posts, but I’m just saying, “Check the toilet before leaving the bathroom.”