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Bloodring by Faith Hunter

6 Jan

bloodringhunterFavorite Line: “Involuntarily, unaware of the power of  his breeding, he called to me, his blood promising a touch I recognized and craved but had never known.” (p. 19)

The world didn’t end the way the religious men foretold. It didn’t end at all. Instead millions died and a war was waged upon the land of earth. Winged warriors destroyed humans and met the darkness that climbed out the earth to feast on the dead. A ice age swept over the land.

A new people was born after the apocalypse. Mages able to use creation energy. They were feared, attacked and eventually put away in gilded cages only to come out when the holy seraphs deemed it necessary or when called upon by humanity.

One mage, Thorn St. Croix, dared to be different. Not because she wanted to be, but because she had no choice. Alone, she lived amongst the humans. Hiding what she was  until a darkness descended upon her town and forced her to show her true colors.

I’ve never been one for religious tales. I just prefer my religion separate from my enjoyable reading. After reading Faith Hunter‘s Rogue Mage novel, Bloodring, I’ve re-evaluated my opinions on the subject.

I initially borrowed the book from the library (the trade market size). It was engrossing and not overwhelming, despite the whole book being based on one idea. The apocalypse. That night, I rushed to Borders to get the rest and found they had none of them. Then, I headed toward Barnes and Noble-a block away-where I was lucky enough to find the books printed in mass market size. I bought all three.

Told in first person from Thorn’s point of view, Bloodring, is a thrilling story complete with tangled emotions and hot men. Thorn is no idiot; she is a woman delving into secrets that can possibly save the world. She is likable, realistic and far from perfect. She is scarred emotionally and physically, but that does not stop her from doing what needs to be done. She isn’t the only good thing Ms. Hunter has going.

The seraphs are awesome and the dark is scary. The world building is complete, from the societies of man to the depths evil is willing to go in order to prevail.

Three books in the series are now available in trade size or mass market. The trade size have awesome pictures of seraphs, the mass market have pictures of the mage on them. I prefer the seraphs, but for half the price I’ll take the new cover.

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