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Seraphs by Faith Hunter

7 Jan

seraphs2hunterFavorite Lines: “Claws gripped my throat, shutting off my air, and Raziel laughed against my mouth. It was a triumphant rumble, feral and heated, but the amusement had an unfamiliar edge, and fear gripped me.” (p. 1)

Thorn St. Croix, is a newly licensed witchy-woman (mage) and the people in her hometown are torn about her existence. The fact that she lived amongst them for 10 years with no problem, means nothing now and she is feared and reviled, and a cause of fascination.

The townspeople have yet to decide if her appearance will be their salvation against the darkness that lives in the hills by their town, or if it will bring the darkness upon them causing them to fear Thorn even more.

Thorn herself is having dreams of a seraph and cherub captive beneath the hills. Far underground in a place she promised herself to never return to, the holy creatures ask the mage for help escaping and defeating the great darkness bound in the earth.

Okay, book two in the Rogue Mage series, Seraphs, is pretty confusing in the beginning. I kept feeling like I had missed something, because it didn’t pick immediately up from where Bloodring ended. Instead it starts with an attack on Thorn and then goes into the town’s vendetta against her.

Once I verified that I was reading the books in order and let myself go, I found an entertaining tale of apocalyptic proportions. Thorn is still the mage Ms. Hunter introduced in book one. She is strong, smart and a generous person who thinks of others before herself.

Ms. Hunter takes a closer look at Thorn’s relationship with her ex-husband and his child (the child of her heart) and then zooms over to watch two men introduced in book one, Thadd and Eli.  I like Eli a crap load better than Thadd, but the pheromones Thadd puts of are almost irresistible to Thorn. All of the men’s future roles are tossed up for inspection with unexpected semi-results.

The series is told in the first person from Thorn’s point of view, so not everything is clear. There are many things we don’t learn until she does, most of which pertains to creative magic. This helped with pacing, keeping everything smoothly moving until Thorn figured things out and sent the story into a gallop.

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