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Host by Faith Hunter

9 Jan

host2hunterFavorite Lines: “The queen had been built from a mage and Stanhope genetic material, and enhanced with the stolen essence of Barak, the captured warrior I had freed.The succubus scent was tantalizing to human males, to seraphs, and to kylen, who were the result of matings between mage, seraph, and later, humans.

Finally accepted by the citizens of Mineral City, Thorn St. Croix knows that danger lies around the corner, but is still surprised when a  mage, Cheran, arrives cloaked in danger and hiding secrets. Thorn’s gift allows her to see exactly what Cheran thinks about her and her friends, and it aint pretty.

Facing off with a mage is never a good thing especially when the dark powers on the hill are gaining strength and their chaos is finding order. The dragon is prepared to strike and Thorn does not need the distraction that Cheran provides. Then there is the small matter of her twin sister possibly being alive.

While I enjoy this series, I must say that Host is my least favorite. I loved meeting the characters in book one and seeing them evolve in book two. But in book three it felt like lines of thought were run down randomly, or just plain not followed up on. I’m going to assume that they will be in the next book.

I also didn’t care for the way that information was regurgitated often throughout the story. In an effort to keep the reader aware of the mythology, time line and terminology, Host got a little repetitious. I’m not saying that the story wasn’t good though. The battle scenes are great and a surprise comes in the final battle that had me scratching my head before understanding dawned.

I was entertained, impressed and curious about different events in the story. I wanted it to continue. The ending clearly implies that the author has another book planned in this series, but a major door closed in this book two. A door that had been opening since book one.

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