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Nutcase by Charlotte Hughes

10 Jan

nutcasehughes1Favorite Lines: “Your uncle has a slight problem,” she said. “He took Viagra last night, and while I’m pleased to say  that it worked very well, he still has an erection. I wanted to ask you if you think that is normal.” (ARC p. 195)

Psychiatrist to the emotionally battered, Dr. Kate Holly is almost out of time. She accidentally blew up her office and is about to be evicted. She hasn’t told anyone, doesn’t know where to move, and on top of it all, Kate goes into work one morning and finds Marie Osmond singing off key.

Okay, so it’s a woman who hasn’t showered in awhile suffering a break from reality, but asking her ex-boyfriend and fellow psychiatrist for help is not the way Kate imagined starting the morning.

While Kate is sorting out her professional life, her personal life is in disarray. She and her firefighter ex-husband are attending marriage counseling in an attempt at reconciliation. With both of their occupations causing discord getting back together is proving to be a battle.

Kate has attracted odd-balls and danger in the past. And while a two months have passed since a deranged man tried to kill her, times haven’t changed that much.

Nutcase by Charlotte Hughes is a light, romantic suspense. It was comedic. The strangest things seem to happen whenever Kate is around and they make for the funniest reading. It’s not the same kind of funny you get when you pick up a Kate MacAlister book, but it’s endearing for reasons of its own. It’s a wacky, oh my God, kind of fun.

Kate is an attractive woman, cursed blessed with an zany family. Love is no stranger to her. In fact her love for her ex-husband is never questioned. The book veers in another direction by taking a realistic look at the different things that can separate a marriage and they have nothing to do with cheating. Sometimes we love people and think we can deal with our hangups about that person, but don’t. It often takes an outside force to enlighten us, and that is exactly what happens in the newest installment of Kate Holly.

Nutcase will be released Feb. 24. You can buy it at B&N, Borders or Amazon. Ms. Hughes plans a book tour in the Southeast and a blog tour. Book three, Hanging by a Thread, will be out in 2010.