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All U Can Eat by Emma Holly

11 Jan

allucaneathollyFavorite Lines: “When Pete released Dave’s cock, now throbbing and red with need, Whittier truly was crying.” (p. 65)

Frankie Smith has met many people as the owner and operator of All U Can Eat. She’s befriended some, and now fantasizes about others  following  a break up with her boyfriend of five years.

As Frankie readjusts to life as a single woman with intense sexual needs, she is shocked to discover a well-to-do woman murdered in the alley behind her restaurant. The murdered woman is quickly linked to Frankie’s ex-boyfriend, so suspicion falls on Frankie.

Chief Jack West can’t peal his mind away from Frankie. He fantasizes about her, but knows he must rule her out as a suspect before following up on his dreams.  While Jack reels in racy thoughts, the small town of Six Palms is overflowing with sexual secrets after letting their inhibitions go free.

Barnes & Noble had All U Can Eat on clearance for $1.99, what better time to pick up a new author. I’m not disappointed with my purchase, but I didn’t get the point of a lot of it. It is a contemporary erotic romance. I stretch when I use the word romance, but the main characters Jack and Frankie hook up in the end with a happily ever after, so I guess it is a romance.

This left me a little confused at the action that takes place in AUCE. The story starts off with Frankie and her boyfriend having sex. About a week later, Frankie is banging her new cook in her restaurant, participating in a threesome and getting it on with the chief of the police department.

We learn the chief is a freak (he likes it all) and he doesn’t seem concerned with the fact that Frankie is acting out a porno entitled, “Frankie does Six Palms.” Frankie jumps from bed with two men, onto the sofa and sex with Jack. I didn’t really get it, but it takes all kinds right?

Finding the killer wasn’t hard, I knew almost immediately who did it, but it led to the discovery of all the dirty secrets in Six Palms: sexy, dark and deeply hid secret fantasies. The descriptions of the sex and the different secrets are sizzling and seem to the be point of the book.

All U Can Eat is a book about sex, that is held together loosely by the premise of a murder investigation. It was a quick read, but I won’t be reading it again.

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