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Dante’s Girl by Natasha Rhodes

13 Jan

dantesgirlrhodesFavorite Lines: “Before she could react he grabbed a fistful of her hair in his other hand and crushed his mouth to hers, his tongue seeking to pry apart her lips.” (p. 60)

It sucks when you boyfriend is hiding things from you. Especially when you think he’s going to propose, but  instead he gets himself murdered, leaving all kinds of nightmarish creatures hunting you. Kayla Steele finds out the hard way that her boyfriend is keeping secrets and out of self-preservation defends herself against attacking werewolves.

When her dead boyfriend, Karrel Dante, visits her and tells her that she has 30 days to hunt down his killers and end their lives, Kayla’s life takes a darker turn. A turn that exposes her to corruption, betrayal and vampires.

Dante’s Girl is told in the third person and bounces from character to character. We start off with Kayla, before jumping to Karrel and several other characters. It can be confusing, but it gives the big picture and leaves little to the imagination.

Kayla is introduced as an appearance obsessed woman, but over time we discover a caring, compassionate person. She has her flaws and can be downright stupid, but she always seems to redeem herself. For example, after getting pissed off when Karrel stands her up, she goes drinking, gets smashed, meets a hot stranger, and goes to a private party with him. Just when I begin to think she is too stupid to live, she wakes up and thinks what a fool she is and extricates herself from the situation. This happens several times throughout the story.

I was really attracted to Mutt, a werewolf friend of Karrel. He has much more face time than Karrel and wormed his way into my heart. I want to know more about him, and was seriously angry with his ending. (Read the book.) It seemed unfair and selfish.

I haven’t made up my mind about this story. I bought the next book in the series, The Last Angel, when I bought Dante’s Girl so I will continue the series. If it is as confusing as the first, I won’t continue the series.

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