Dark Warrior Unleashed by Alexis Morgan

22 Feb

darkwarriorunleashedmorganFavorite lines: “You’re a Kyth, spelled K-y-t-h, just like me and Ranulf. Our people originated in northern Europe, especially Scandinavia. Due to a genetic mutation, we developed the ability to absorb energy.” (p. 130)

Two men at odds with each other, Ranulf Thorsen and Sandor Kearn, have been given an assignment that brings them into the life of Kerry Logan, the only witness to an arson at a popular club. The men are Talion warriors, Kyth, not human. Ranulf is hunting the arsonist, Sandor is protecting Kerry, who doesn’t know that she too is Kyth.

An ancient warrior, Ranulf, has been at the beck and call of the matriarchal leader of the Kyth, Dame Judith, and just wants to retire. He is tired of hunting renegade Kyth, but as usual when the Dame calls, he answers.

Sandor is the Dame’s other chief Talion warrior. He doesn’t trust Ranulf because as Kyth enforcer he has consumed a ton of dark energy and is at risk of going rogue. The Dame doesn’t agree, but teams the two men together in a case involving Kerry and an out of control Kyth.

Kerry reminds Ranulf of the Dame and inspires a need to protect her within him. But most important to Kerry is the feelings of safety and comfort she feels when she is with Ranulf. Immersed in a world she never knew existed, she must survive because her life and that of the Kyth lie in the same direction.

Alexis Morgan is an ‘auto buy’ author for me. That worked for and against me with Dark Warrior Unleashed. I enjoyed the characters and the overall arc, but the relationship between the Dame and Kerry didn’t seem worthy of the ending Morgan gave them and it darkened my appreciation for the story.

Ranulf is the typical alpha hero. He is who I cared about in the story. Kerry was forgettable while Sandor was annoying. Kerry had a purpose and she filled it: get the hero interested in living, give the villain a person to chase and give the series a reason to continue.

All in all the story was quite forgettable. It wasn’t horrid, but there wasn’t anything that would make me continue the series.


2 Responses to “Dark Warrior Unleashed by Alexis Morgan”

  1. Rosie February 23, 2009 at 10:45 am #

    I get this series mixed up with Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity series. Although I think I’ve finally put Ivy’s to bed so to speak.

    Good review.

  2. scooper February 23, 2009 at 8:41 pm #

    Yeah, I quit Ivy’s series after she wrote book two and it felt like it was about the secondary characters.

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